Monday Fun Day! (5/21/2012 Edition)

Monday Fun Day! (5/21/2012 Edition)

Now wait just a minute... it's Monday? Again?! For some reason I thought we were all out of Mondays... Guess not!

ali among others- AMONG OTHERS won the Nebula Award for Best Novel!! If you've been ignoring my unreasonably incessant affection (see right) for this title, now's the time to give in and just read it already!

- Talia's slides for the Boston Book Buzz are available to view now (link to Adult deck) (link to Teen deck), so if you're not going to make it to the event, you can still take a look at the lineup. And, more importantly, if you are going to make it to the event, you can fool your co-workers into thinking you're psychic by "guessing" all of the books before she reveals them.

- ATTN: Teen Librarians! Did you see that we're running not one, but TWO(!) delightful signed-series contests? One of them includes the necklace from the Midnight Dragonfly covers! Enter now!

- We have an event plug for ALA Annual... please don't miss The Great Non-Fiction Read-Alike: If You Like This, You’ll LOVE That!.

All-star panelists Alene Moroni (Manager, Selection & Order, King County), Anna Mickelsen (Reference Librarian, Springfield City), Kaite Stover (Manager, Readers’ Services, Kansas City),  Robin Nesbitt (Technical Services Director, Columbus Metropolitan), and Stephanie Chase (Head, Reference, Adult Services, & Programming, Multnomah County) will cover major trends in popular non-fiction and recommend upcoming titles with pre-publication buzz as well as titles from your backlist will satisfy your patrons while the best-selling titles are on hold. Add it to your conference schedule now

- THE SEVEN PEARLS OF FINANCIAL WISDOM received a great review from The Wall Street Journal. 

They note that for most financial self-help books "the target reader is a man who has a job, is happily married and has 2½ kids. Some books target specific needs, such as caring and providing for an elderly relative, but they still make certain assumptions. A pioneering new book titled THE SEVEN PEARLS OF FINANCIAL WISDOM aims to fill the gap. Written by Forbes columnist Camilla Webster and financial planner Carol Pepper, the book is aimed at women. [...]

"What really sets 'The Seven Pearls' apart are the assumptions it makes about readers. If you know, love or support an alcoholic in your life, have an aging parent suffering from Alzheimer's disease, are worried about having children and considering or paying for expensive fertilization procedures, hate your job, are dependent on another income earner, or are responsible for someone who is sick, then this the book is for you."

- And finally...