Society and Life in Fiction Spotlight (2/3/21)

This spotlight on society and life in fiction features an English-language debut about strange events in an American town, a woman’s search for her place in the world, a delivery boy peddling for five-star customer ratings, a hilariously irreverent vision of the imperfect lives of queer men, and an epic story through generations of one […]

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Happy Half Hour (11/30/20)

Today’s Happy Half Hour features an American town overrun by a mysterious hallucinogen, short stories about broken women, the true story of the Last Call Killer, and the transporting sequel to ALL THAT GLITTERS. AMERICAN DELIRIUM by Betina González | 9781250621283 | 2/16/21LOVE LIKE THAT by Emma Duffy-Comparone | 9781250624550 | 3/9/21LAST CALL: A True […]

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