An Austen Remix that Stands on its Own!

An Austen Remix that Stands on its Own!

"Nobody, I believe, has ever found it possible to like the heroine of Mansfield Park." --Lionel Trilling

Well, that's been changed. Lynn Shepherd has taken the classic work and turned it on its head. Unlikeable characters are now charming. The honest now scheme. And now, there's a murder.

But Murder at Mansfield isn't just for the Jane Austen fan. It stands on its own as a fantastic mystery. Maybe you don't need zombies to bring new readers to the classics!

"First-timer Shepherd remains true to Austen's style while providing a sound pzuzle. Janeites may be delighted or appaled, but more impartial readers will find much to enjoy." Kirus Reviews (starred review)