For Your Consideration: August 2023 LibraryReads Titles

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9781250867261 | 8/1/23
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Ava Harrison and Maggie Mae Brightwell are thrown together by fate and learn to face the lingering effects of their difficult pasts together, as kindred spirits.

CASSIEL’S SERVANT by Jacqueline Carey
9781250208330 | 8/1/23
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“Carey proves she has lost none of her inimitable style nor her ability to fully realize characters; devoted fans will revel in getting Joscelin’s backstory.”–Publishers Weekly

9781250865373 | 8/1/23
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“Like Stewart O’Nan, the author conjures human moments with a convincing naturalistic style. This emotionally charged story delivers the goods.”–Publishers Weekly

9781250788481 | 8/22/23
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“Alternating viewpoints and a shifting timeline enliven the yarn, and Mangan’s character exposition and vivid depictions of exotic locales are sublime. This is a treat.”–Publishers Weekly, starred review

DARK CORNERS by Megan Goldin
9781250280688 | 8/8/23
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“Goldin keeps readers on their toes, offering tantalizing clues to what’s really going on but keeping the truth a closely-guarded secret until it’s time to reveal it. A third Rachel Krall novel would be most welcome.”–Booklist

GONE TONIGHT by Sarah Pekkanen
9781250283979 | 8/1/23
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“Quiet, nose-to-the-grindstone Ruth Sterling lives for daughter Catherine, but that’s about to change; Catherine is aching to leave home. But Ruth is resistant; there’s a reason the two have moved every few years and that Catherine knows nothing about Ruth’s past.”–Library Journal Pre-Pub Alert

GOOD BAD GIRL by Alice Feeney
9781250843968 | 8/29/23
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When there’s a murder at a nursing home, three women decide to solve the mystery together, which will lead them to realize it may be connected to another crime–a kidnapping that happened 20 years ago.

HE WHO DROWNED THE WORLD by Shelley Parker-Chan
9781250621825 | 8/22/23
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“Parker-Chan admirably continues the nuanced and compassionate examination of gender, sex, and desire that began in book one while simultaneously dialing up the intensity and frequency of the graphic violence, torture, rape, and sadomasochism.”–Publishers Weekly

9781250860026 | 8/8/23
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“Holed up on the Maine coast, Wilder Harlow is seeking to complete a memoir about the killer who terrorized his childhood town, a memoir stolen in draft by former best buddy Skye and turned into a trashy novel titled Looking Glass Sound. Fact and fiction are starting to blur, and Wilder is finding notes from Skye around the cabin.”–Library Journal Pre-Pub Alert

MASTERS OF DEATH by Olivie Blake
9781250892461 | 8/8/23
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“Vampire Viola Marek is an out-of-luck real estate agent desperate to sell a house that’s haunted by the ghost of a murder victim who won’t budge until his murder is solved. For help, she summons Fox D’Mora, who’s not much of a medium but is nevertheless the godson of Death.”–Library Journal Pre-Pub Alert

THORNHEDGE by T. Kingfisher
9781250244093 | 8/15/23
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2 starred reviews!

“This marvelously fractured fairy tale takes a well-known and well-loved story and turns it completely around, into a story about love not being enough, duty not being sufficient, and love and joy being found in the unlikeliest of people and places.”–Library Journal, starred review

“Kingfisher’s trademark wit and compassion transforms ‘Sleeping Beauty’ into a moving meditation on guilt, grief, and duty, as well as a surprisingly sweet romance between outsiders. There are no false notes here.”–Publishers Weekly, starred review

THE TRADE OFF by Sandie Jones
9781250836939 | 8/15/23
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“Deputy editor for the Daily Voice, Alex would do anything for a good story, but when she gleefully publishes scandalous information she’s given about a popular television personality, the woman commits suicide. Newbie reporter Jess is now working on the story and discovers that there’s a lot more to it than originally imagined.”–Library Journal Pre-Pub Alert

9781250180421 | 8/22/23
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“The author’s background as a Hollywood stunt performer enriches the kinetic action sequences, which are both easy to follow and thrilling to read. This wuxia eat-the-rich tale is a knockout.”–Publishers Weekly, starred review

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