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ALL HALLOWS by Christopher Golden
9781250280299 | 1/24/23
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“Even as families bicker and crumble on Halloween Eve in 1984, Coventry, MA, four children who aren’t from town go door to door in vintage costumes and creepily washed-out makeup, begging for protection from the Cunning Man. As the author is Bram Stoker Award–winning Golden, we know something horrifying will soon happen.”–Library Journal, Pre-Pub Alert

9781250803856 | 1/10/23
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“A bereaved mother’s year of sleepless nights is turned even more dire by percolating revelations about her past and present… Willingham is so relentless in linking Isabelle’s sleeplessness to her deepening sense of waking nightmare that fans can expect some seriously sleepless nights themselves. ‘People love violence—from a distance,’ reflects the protagonist. This one’s for readers who can love it up close.”–Kirkus Reviews

DECENT PEOPLE by De’Shawn Charles Winslow
9781635575323 | 1/17/23
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“Winslow (IN WEST MILLS) chronicles the aftermath of a triple homicide that rocks a segregated Southern community in his dynamic latest… There are a trove of surprises along the way to the well-earned resolution, and Winslow entrances readers with strong characters, impeccable prose, and brisk pacing. As a character-driven mystery, it delivers the goods.”–Publishers Weekly

THE END OF DRUM-TIME by Hanna Pylväinen
9781250822901 | 1/24/23
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“Pylväinen’s captivating latest (after WE SINNERS) follows the inhabitants of a tiny Swedish village in the Arctic Circle in 1852 as a pastor’s popularity begins to take off… With immersive details of Bible thumping and reindeer herding, the author evocatively captures two cultures and shows what happens when Christian mores collide with the customs of the remote Sami. This is transcendent.”–Publishers Weekly, starred review

9781250846037 | 1/31/23
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“In this continuation of [Edgar-nominated Cosimano’s USA Today best-selling series] starring Finlay Donovan, readers will find that author and single mom FINLAY DONOVAN JUMPS THE GUN; unexpectedly owing Russian mobsters a favor, she must help them identify a contract killer before the cops do, especially crucial because the killer might actually be a cop.”–Library Journal, Pre-Pub Alert

9781250624208 | 1/17/23
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“Sullivan charms in her final Jansen Brothers romance (after HOW TO LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOR)… Their fairly straightforward friends-to-lovers romance is enhanced by a robust supporting cast (which includes the starring couples from the earlier books) and numerous laugh-out-loud moments, including an autocorrect fail that puts a dirty spin on pretzel sticks. It’s a fun, breezy romp.”–Publishers Weekly

LOCUST LANE by Stephen Amidon
9781250844231 | 1/17/23
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“In Amidon’s LOCUST LANE, a young woman is found dead in the more fashionable section of a New England suburb, and the three teenagers who were with her that night are now suspects in her murder.”–Library Journal, Pre-Pub Alert

LOVE, CLANCY: Diary of a Good Dog by W. Bruce Cameron
9781250163547 | 1/2/23
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“Clancy the dog narrates Cameron’s (A DOG’S PURPOSE) latest tale of humans and their animal companions… Those who have always had a sneaking suspicion that dogs are better than people will find plenty of confirmation.”–Library Journal

MAAME by Jessica George
9781250282521 | 1/31/23
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“Ghanaian British George’s debut, MAAME, Maddie finally wrests some independence from her parents—a bossy mother forever traveling to Ghana and a father who needs caretaking—and for the first time experiences living on her own; then tragedy strikes.”–Library Journal, Pre-Pub Alert

MAKE A WISH by Helena Hunting
9781250624741 | 1/24/23
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“A onetime nanny reunites with her former employer in Hunting’s immersive third Spark House contemporary romance (after STARRY-EYED LOVE)… Readers looking for a fast-paced story about love after loss should snap this up.”–Publishers Weekly

PICTURE IN THE SAND by Peter Blauner
9781250851017 | 1/3/23
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“Political upheaval in Egypt circa 1954 threatens the location shooting of The Ten Commandments—and the life of a young local hired as Cecil B. DeMille’s personal assistant… [T]his departure by Blauner from his urban thrillers…is great storytelling, a coming-of-age tale with a love story at its heart… A gripping, hard-to-put-down thriller.”–Kirkus Reviews

THE ROM-COM AGENDA by Jayne Denker
9781250821485 | 1/10/23
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“Denker (LUCKY FOR YOU) spins rom-com gold in this vibrant, genre-savvy tale… Readers are sure to fall in love with the endearing protagonists of this squeaky clean charmer.”–Publishers Weekly

9781250842268 | 1/31/23
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“Sora’s biting, ironic commentary on her love life rings true…. Sora’s complex relationships with her family, her followers, and herself provide plenty of food for thought.”–Publishers Weekly

THE TERRAFORMERS by Annalee Newitz
9781250228017 | 1/31/23
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“An incredibly emotional and action-packed novel deftly taking on personhood, corporate ownership, and terraforming.”–Library Journal, starred review

“With the ethos of Becky Chambers and the gonzo imagination of Samuel R. Delany, plus a strong scientific basis in ecology and urban planning, this feels like a new frontier in science fiction.”–Publishers Weekly, starred review

THE VILLA by Rachel Hawkins
9781250280015 | 1/3/23
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“Feminist themes, ruthlessness, and alluring settings forge links to Hawkins’ last thriller, RECKLESS GIRLS (2022), but this story’s finely honed interplay of creative ambition and haunting sadness makes it a step above. Here, Hawkins pokes at the darker aspects of both true crime and self-help, and it works beautifully. HIGH-DEMAND BACKSTORY: Hawkins’ star is definitely on the rise after two bestsellers, and this one will propel her further into the stratosphere.”–Booklist, starred review

WHAT LIES IN THE WOODS by Kate Alice Marshall
9781250859884 | 1/17/23
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“YA author Marshall makes her adult debut with a powerful psychological thriller… This emotionally involving tale of friendship, betrayal, and redemption leaves an indelible impression.”–Publishers Weekly

9780374287702 | 1/24/23
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“Three-time NBCC finalist Hemon returns with a potent story of love, war, and displacement in the early 20th century… Readers will delight in this sweeping epic.”–Publishers Weekly

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