September Staff Picks (9/21/22)

Searching for your next read? Look no further! Check out these staff picks to dive into some of MacLib’s Fall favorites.

AMANDA’S PICK: THE BOOK OF EVERLASTING THINGS by Aanchal Malhotra | 9781250802026 | 12/27/22

After watching Marvel’s Ms. Marvel this summer, I was even more intrigued by this sweeping debut about a Hindu perfumer and a Muslim calligrapher who fall in love against the backdrop of Partition.  Spanning continents and generations, and filled with exquisite descriptions of perfume and calligraphy, this is a true feast for the senses and the heart.

Available for download on Edelweiss here! LibraryReads votes due by November 1st.

EMILY’S PICK: SAINT by Adrienne Young | 9781250846761 | 11/29/22

Adrienne Young’s world of The Narrows is one of my favorites to explore, so I was thrilled to return to the world in Young’s latest YA novel, SAINT, which tells the story of Fable’s parents as their paths cross and their love story begins. In true Adrienne Young fashion, this prequel is beautifully written and utterly captivating, perfect for both new fans and returning readers.

Available for download on Edelweiss here!

SAMANTHA’S PICK: THE INGENUE by Rachel Kapelke-Dale | 9781250834560 | 12/6/22

After reading THE BALLERINAS last year, I was caught under Rachel Kapelke-Dale’s spell, and THE INGENUE completely reaffirmed that. This is an eerie suspense that tackles grief and is about former piano prodigy Saskia, who returns to her Milwaukee home after her mother’s unexpected death. Diving into mother-daughter relationships, unrealistic expectations of talent, and finding your own identity all set against a post #MeToo landscape, THE INGENUE is a page-turning novel that left me guessing right up until the end. 

Available for download on Edelweiss here! LibraryReads votes due by November 1st.

MARGO’S PICK: THE TUDORS IN LOVE: Passion and Politics in the Age of England’s Most Famous Dynasty by Sarah Gristwood | 9781250271426 | 12/13/22

There’s nothing I love learning about more than Tudor history! THE TUDORS IN LOVE takes us through the Tudor era with a focus on the idea of courtly love—the romantic ideals that we are still captivated by today. From Henry VIII courting his six wives, to Elizabeth I’s suitors, and the poetry and dramatics that took place within the court, this book effortlessly dissects the codes of love and desire that famously defined the dynasty.

Available for download on Edelweiss here! LibraryReads votes due by November 1st.

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