YA Spotlight (3/7/22)

Tomorrow we wish a happy Book B-day to a romantic fantasy about two people competing for glory and each other’s hearts, and a gripping thriller about one girl righting the deadly choices that were never hers to begin with.

A FAR WILDER MAGIC by Allison Saft

“While there are heavy topics, this fantasy fills a familiar plot arc with a unique setting, cast, and a lovely romance between two characters who are considered outsiders by society at large.”–School Library Journal

DAUGHTER by Kate McLaughlin

“In this contemporary drama a young woman meets her father, a psychopathic killer, for the first time…A gripping, thoughtful, and at times disturbing psychological thriller.”–Kirkus Reviews

A FAR WILDER MAGIC by Allison Saft; 9781250623652; 3/8/22.
DAUGHTER by Kate McLaughlin; 9781250817440; 3/8/22.

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