The Debut Review: REPUTATION by Lex Croucher (11/30/21)

Bridgerton meets Gossip Girl meets Jane Austen with a splash of Mean Girls in Lex Croucher’s historical rom-com debut, REPUTATION. Set against the backdrop of lavish parties and an unforgettable summer in the lush English countryside, Georgiana Ellers falls into a world of improper friends, drunken debauchery, and mysterious young men. But, Georgiana has to remember that a lady is nothing without her reputation.

Today we are delighted to share a letter from Lex Croucher herself to talk all about writing, books, and the rom-coms of her youth.

Hello, librarian!

I don’t need to preach the magic of libraries to you, somebody who knows more than most the power and the solace of them, so I won’t. I will say, however, that seeing my book on a library shelf has always been one of my dreams, much in the same way that I fantasize about seeing it for sale in a second-hand bookstore; I love the idea that just one copy can pass through many hands, be read on buses and trains and (for those who don’t get as mortally carsick as I do) in the backs of cabs, at cafes while waiting for friends, at the kitchen counter and in the bath. I really hope I haven’t just made you recoil in horror at the idea of a library book in the bath. It still seems extremely far-fetched to me that after years of making my own “books” out of printer paper, illustrated in felt-tip pen and stapled haphazardly together for distribution among my family, I have now written one that is available to read outside of my childhood living room. REPUTATION is a love letter to Jane Austen and the noughties rom-coms of my youth; it’s about some of the firsts you experience in early adulthood, trying to find your place and fit in, and navigating a society full of rogues and knaves without accidentally becoming one yourself. It’s also about what young Regency-era socialites really got up to when nobody was watching—although I’m sure you’ll be pleased to hear that at no point does anybody read a library book in the bath.

Thank you,
Lex Croucher

REPUTATION by Lex Croucher; 9781250832832; 4/5/22.

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