YA Spotlight (11/22/21)

In this YA Spotlight, we have a heart-stopping trilogy conclusion with an ultimate choice to make and a near-future thriller tackling capitalism and queerness.

STILL WITH ME by Jessica Cunsolo

Amelia and Aiden have faced every imaginable challenge together, so it is no surprise that once they begin to plan their future, they are presented with a new obstacle. As Amelia and Aiden uncover more secrets, they must make the ultimate choice—who to save: their friends, their family or themselves?


Seventeen-year-old Dinah is left homeless and alone in the woods after she finds her mother dead in the living room. Now, Dinah’s life is dedicated to one thing: finding Gabriel Gates, the killer.

STILL WITH ME by Jessica Cunsolo; 9781989365694; 11/23/21.
THE BALLAD OF DINAH CALDWELL by Kate Brauning; 9781645673125; 11/23/21.

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