Author Spotlight: Louise Glück (10/6/21)

Louise Glück, 2020 Nobel Prize winner, has a magnificent and haunting touch in her poetry.

This newest collection of poems returns to themes of morality, nature, and ageing.


“In her first new collection since being awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature in 2020, Glück returns to themes of mortality and nature; she also addresses ageing…this marvelous collection adds warmth and wit.”–Booklist, starred review

Make sure to dive into Louise’s previous work:

AMERICAN ORIGINALITY: Essays on Poetry; 9780374537463; available now.
FAITHFUL AND VIRTUOUS NIGHT: Poems; 9780374535773; available now.
POEMS 1962-2012; 9780374534097; available now.
A VILLAGE LIFE: Poems; 9780374532437; available now.
AVERNO: Poems; 9780374530747; available now.

WINTER RECIPES FROM THE COLLECTIVE: Poems by Louise Glück; 9780374604103; 10/26/21.

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