Mac Lib From Home Round-Up (5/6/21)

Welcome to Mac Lib From Home, our fun-sized buzz series from our homes to yours!

A teen confronts his feelings about his father’s death, his new family, and the girl next door in

Watch Emily’s full video here.

Samantha’s #MacLibFromHome pick is a tender and fierce debut that explores the bond between two siblings: Ashley Nelson Levy’s IMMEDIATE FAMILY.

Watch Samantha’s full video here.

A woman recently released from prison becomes a pawn in a bizarre game in which she is both the perfect victim and the perfect murderer in Romy Hausmann’s SLEEPLESS.

Watch Talia’s full video here.

Five friends are blackmailed into returning to the cult where they were raised to face their shared monstrous secret in Miranda Beverly-Whittemore’s FIERCE LITTLE THING.

Watch Amanda’s full video here.

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