Historical Spotlight (2/4/21)

This historical spotlight takes us back to a fateful Manhattan snowstorm and to heartbreak and heroism in 1940s Europe.


2 starred reviews!

“From acclaimed story writer Livings, a first novel that might be called a detour de force: sprawling, discursive, loose-limbed (and impressive)…An exuberant, everything-and-the-kitchen-sink pleasure.”–Kirkus Reviews, starred review

“Livings, PEN/Robert W. Bingham Prize winner for the story collection THE DOG, returns with a brilliant debut novel centering on a woman’s memories of a fatal blizzard that occurred in her childhood…This is one to savor.”–Publishers Weekly, starred review

COMES THE WAR by Ed Ruggero

“Set in April 1944, Ruggero’s taut sequel to 2020’s BLAME THE DEAD finds Lt. Eddie Harkins, a former Philadelphia beat cop, reassigned to the London branch of the Office of Strategic Services…His superior storytelling makes comparisons to James Benn appropriate.”–Publishers Weekly, starred review

THE BLIZZARD PARTY by Jack Livings; 9780374280536; available 2/23/21.
COMES THE WAR by Ed Ruggero; 9781250312877; available 2/9/21.

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