GFA Backlist Spotlight: THREE PARTS DEAD

In this Genre For All spotlight, I’d like to wish a hearty welcome to Andrew, one of our pals over at Tor, who’s come to talk about one of his backlist favs!

There are a lot of great things about working for Macmillan and Tor, and one of them is the opportunity to bring backlist titles that mean a great deal to us back into the spotlight. To that end, I’m absolutely over the moon to talk about Max Gladstone’s THREE PARTS DEAD. Published in 2012, THREE PARTS DEAD was the first novel in Gladstone’s Craft Sequence, a series of urban fantasy necromantic legal thrillers full of clever magic, witty humor, and the myriad horrors of gods, mortals, and capitalism.

In the world of the Craft Sequence, the gods are the manifestation of the many, many deals and arrangements. They provide essential service in exchange for supplication. But no city, god, or corporation is without enemies, and a slain god still has obligations to its people. Enter Tara Abernathy, first-year associate with international necromantic legal firm Kelethres, Albrecht, & Ao who has been tasked with resurrecting Kos Everburning, recently deceased fire god of the steampowered city, Alt Coulumb. Tara knows that a god can fail for many reasons. Perhaps they have overextended their lines of soul-credit and the lenders have come for their pounds of metaphysical flesh, or maybe the population’s faith has dwindled beneath functionality. And then there’s murder. But if your game is going after godkillers, you’d better bring inexorable proof. You’d better keep your head on a swivel, because mortals are much easier to snuff out than gods. Good luck Tara!

I recommend these books for lovers of gritty truth-seeking and the dramatic reveal. THREE PARTS DEAD sits at the center of a Venn Diagram labeled “Mystery” and “Fantasy,” and once you’re done with the main five books, you can hop over to his two in-universe interactive novels as well. I love these books, and think you will too.


THREE PARTS DEAD by Max Gladstone
Available now from Tor Books

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