3 Stars for DEAR CHILD

Romy Hausmann’s twisty English-language debut, DEAR CHILD, has received three starred reviews!

“The multiple points of view and numerous plot twists sustain the breakneck pacing, but the book’s real power lies in the author’s insightful and sensitive portrayal of the characters involved in the tragedy. This darkly disturbing thriller definitely marks Hausmann as a writer to watch.”–Publishers Weekly, starred review

“As unsettling as they come, this outstanding debut, translated from German, is recommended not only to Donoghue’s fans, but also to those who enjoy true crime, as the verisimilitude here is second to none. The movie can’t be far behind.”–Booklist, starred review

“Hausmann’s English-language debut is absorbing and sinister, with a tightening web of psychological intrigue. Tiny clues are steadily inserted into this fast-paced, shivery tale with an unforeseen denouement.”–Library Journal, starred review

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