Historical Spotlight (9/9/20)

This historical spotlight takes us back to a Polish town during WWII and to medieval Europe in the era of Robin Hood.

ELI’S PROMISE by Ronald H. Balson

“Balson returns to the subject of his first three historical novels: Holocaust survivors and the stories of their lives during and after the war…Balson juggles between his three stories effectively, writing with great emotion but without overt melodrama, always aware of the tragic ways in which history repeats itself.”–Booklist

LIONHEARTS by Nathan Makaryk

“Robin Hood is dead, killed in Nottingham Castle at the end of Makaryk’s previous book (NOTTINGHAM). In the aftermath, several Robin Hoods spring up with varying agendas, but one is more vicious than the others.”–Library Journal

ELI’S PROMISE by Ronald H. Balson; 9781250271464; available 9/22/20.
LIONHEARTS by Nathan Makaryk; 9781250195852; available 9/15/20.

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