Imprint Spotlight: Henry Holt & Co.

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Up next in our Imprint Spotlight series, we hear from our friends over at Henry Holt & Co with the inside scoop on publishing, books, and a love for libraries.

Marketing Assistant Grazia Rutherford-Swan (Henry Holt & Co):

“Henry Holt books are smart, well-written, of-the-moment literary fiction and narrative nonfiction. I like to think there’s a streak of mischief that pops out once in a while, too…

It’s a total cliche, but I really just wanted to be around books. I grew up in a small town without a bookstore, so I spent a lot of my time at the public library. I used to go once a week and check out thirteen books. Inspired by MATILDA, I wanted to read every book in the library. I did my thirteen weekly books from elementary school through the end of high school. (I even took my senior pictures in the library.) Nerdy, I know, but all this reading made me sure that I wanted to work in book publishing.”

Grazia’s favorites:

TRUST EXERCISE by Susan Choi has been an exciting challenge… How do I convince someone to read a book with largely unlikeable characters and a confounding form? It makes my job that much more fulfilling when I recommend the book to someone who ends up liking it as much as I do. And it’s up for a National Book Award this year!

I love Rachel Cusk’s Outline trilogy. Similar to TRUST EXERCISE, it has a specific audience, and it’s written by a brilliant woman. These books make me want to be a better reader, writer, and listener.”

[Editor’s note: TRUST EXERCISE has since won the National Book Award for Fiction. Congrats!]

Hear more from Grazia herself about WANT by Lynn Steger Strong:

TRUST EXERCISE by Susan Choi; 9781250231260; available now.
OUTLINE: Outline Trilogy #1 by Rachel Cusk; 9781250081544; available now.
TRANSIT: Outline Trilogy #2 by Rachel Cusk; 9781250151797; available now.
KUDOS: Outline Trilogy #3 by Rachel Cusk; 9781250207395; available now.
WANT by Lynn Steger Strong; 9781250247544; available 7/7/20.

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