#FridayReads and Debut Spotlight: TAKE ME APART

For today’s #FridayReads and debut spotlight, we’re reading Sara Sligar’s TAKE ME APART, a fresh and seductive psychological suspense debut.

This novel–about family, art, and mental illness–stars emotionally raw thirty-something Kate who relocates from NYC for a position archiving famous photographer Miranda Brand’s life. While reviewing Miranda’s personal files, she becomes more curious about her employer (Miranda’s son) and begins roaming his house (a big no-no). While snooping, she finds Miranda’s journal, and within it, entries suggesting that Miranda did not commit suicide…but who is to be believed?

TAKE ME APART is as much a mesmerizing mystery as an edge-of-your seat adventure. Following the clues and unraveling the mystery along with Kate will keep readers turning the pages and wondering what awaits around the next corner!

This debut is perfect for fans of thrillers with a haunting twist such as OUR KIND OF CRUELTY by Araminta Hall, or stories about young women with dark secrets and hidden identities a la THE SILENT SISTER by Diane Chamberlain.

TAKE ME APART by Sara Sligar; 9780374272616; available now.

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