Happy #PubDay + Historical Spotlight (1/14/20)

Princesses seeking safety during WWII + the story of a young feminist a century ahead of her time (with some Jane Austen mixed in) = today’s historical #pubday party!

THE SECRET GUESTS by Benjamin Black

“Black’s lucid prose is the perfect foil for tangled politics, old hatreds, unsolved crimes, the threat to Irish neutrality, and the possibility of new alliances that seethe underneath. This elegant novel will satisfy all readers who appreciate a good story, well told.”–Library Journal, starred review


“Spanning from the hot rugged Arizona territory to the cultured halls of Wheaton College in Massachusetts, the story of Mary Pearl Prine’s feminist awakening is set in the summer of 1907…Part adventure and part coming of age tale, Turner’s latest (after MY NAME IS RESOLUTE, 2014) is a glimpse into the hard life of the territories at the turn of the century juxtaposed against east coast finery.”–Booklist

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