Sarah Knott Talks with the Library Company of Philadelphia

Sarah Knott, author of MOTHER IS A VERB: An Unconventional History, recently participated in the Library Company of Philadelphia’s Talking in the Library podcast series.

Click here to listen in as Sarah and series host Will Fenton discuss MOTHER IS A VERB and all things motherhood throughout history.


Mothering is as old as human existence. But how has this most essential experience changed over time and cultures? What is the history of maternity—the history of pregnancy, birth, the encounter with an infant? Can one capture the historical trail of mothers? How?

In MOTHER IS A VERB, historian Sarah Knott creates a genre all her own in order to craft a new kind of historical interpretation. Blending memoir and history and building from anecdote, her book brings the past and the present viscerally alive. It is at once intimate and expansive, lyrical and precise.

“Hers is a deliberate and altogether radical effort in making the unseen sensational, and the mundane anything but.”–Booklist

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