Adult Books for Teens

These titles may have been published for adults, but Booklist says they’re perfect for teens—and we agree!

DOMINICANA by Angie Cruz
In the vein of ANOTHER BROOKLYN and AMERICANAH, DOMINICANA is a novel about a Dominican teenager’s arranged marriage and immigration to New York City, set in the 1960s and inspired by the author’s mother.

“YAs will be struck by the ways Ana’s coming-of-age is complicated by family needs and immigration realities.” —Booklist, YA Interest

TINFOIL BUTTERFLY by Rachel Eve Moulton
The Shining meets About a Boy in this electrifying debut about a troubled young woman and a lonely boy facing their demons in the frozen Black Hills.

“Older teens wanting a scary read will enjoy the heavy drama, fast pace, and relatable, young protagonists.” —Booklist, YA Interest

MY TIME AMONG THE WHITES: Notes from an Unfinished Education by Jennine Capó Crucet
From the author of MAKE YOUR HOME AMONG STRANGERS comes a book of essays on being an “accidental” American—an incisive look at the edges of identity for a woman of color in a society centered on whiteness.

“Crucet’s culture clash with her foreign-born parents and school experiences will resonate with young people of color.” —Booklist, YA Interest

“Crucet’s well-written essays are entertaining and accessible, without letting readers or the author herself off the hook for reflecting on and addressing cultural issues. Strongly recommended for all readers.” —Library Journal, starred review

From the author of THE HARMONY SILK FACTORY and FIVE STAR BILLIONAIRE comes a compelling depiction of a man’s act of violence, set against the backdrop of Asia in flux.

“Ah Hock’s recounting of his struggles growing up in an isolated Malaysian fishing village will strike YAs as both exotic and relatable.” —Booklist, YA Interest

BLUE: The Color of Noise by Steve Aoki
The remarkable story—in pictures and words—of Steve Aoki, the superstar DJ who started his music career as a vegan straightedge hardcore kid hell bent on defying his millionaire father, but whose unquenchable thirst to entertain—inherited from his father—lead him to global success and the Grammys.

“YAs will find Aoki’s up-and-down life and the extent of his musical success inspiring.” —Booklist, YA Interest

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