Nonfiction Round-Up (8/14/19)

Nazi resistance, a musical master, neurodiversity, a portrait of a scientist, and a graphic memoir… welcome to today’s nonfiction round-up!

LIVES RECLAIMED: A Story of Rescue and Resistance in Nazi Germany by Mark Roseman

2 starred reviews!

“…Bund members could aid only a few imperiled Jews, and the compromises they were forced to make raise compelling moral issues not easily resolved.”–Booklist, starred review

“…Roseman writes a gripping narrative documenting the lives of the people who helped others and those who benefited from their actions. Highly recommended.”–Library Journal, starred review

TEXAS FLOOD: The Inside Story of Stevie Ray Vaughan by Alan Paul and Andy Aledort

2 starred reviews!

“Fans will be thrilled with this intelligent, informative, and enlightening biography of the guitar great.”–Publishers Weekly, starred review

“Vaughan deserved this book, and, as it should, the content will stay with readers long after the last note has sounded.”–Library Journal, starred review

NORMAL SUCKS: How to Live, Learn, and Thrive Outside the Lines by Jonathan Mooney

“It may be hopeful and freeing for some and a challenging read for others. All readers will have a future reminder to avoid labeling anyone as ‘normal’ and to embrace neurodiversity.”–Booklist

AND HOW ARE YOU, DR. SACKS?: A Biographical Memoir of Oliver Sacks by Lawrence Weschler

2 starred reviews!

“A thoroughly engaging and enchanting story.“–Kirkus Reviews, starred review

“Sacks was and is the quintessence of fascinating.“–Booklist, starred review

KING OF KING COURT by Travis Dandro

A Publishers Weekly Best Book of Summer 2019!

“This gloriously scribbled story doesn’t rest on easy morals, or even attempt to forgive the past—Dandro’s triumph is drawing the reader through both the pain and beauty of his upbringing, and then moving forward.”–Publishers Weekly, starred review

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