Art imitates life in the case of the ultimate man of mystery, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

Though best known for the fictional cases of his creation Sherlock Holmes, Arthur Conan Doyle was involved in dozens of real life cases, solving many, and zealously campaigning for justice in all. In THE MAN WHO WOULD BE SHERLOCK: The Real-Life Adventures of Arthur Conan Doyle, Christopher Stanford, acclaimed biographer and author of MASTERS OF MYSTERY, makes the case that the details of the many events Doyle was involved in, and caricatures of those involved, would provide Conan Doyle the fodder for many of the adventures of the violin-playing detective.

“Sandford’s accomplished, well-crafted work brings Conan Doyle into sharp relief as a man of scrupulous fairness and great integrity.”–Library Journal, starred review

“Arthur Conan Doyle always sought to make it clear that his creation, the great detective Sherlock Holmes, was not based on him. Then he went on to solve puzzling crimes with Holmesian displays of close observation and deduction…. [An] impressively researched account“–Booklist


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