Happy International Cat Day!

In honor of #InternationalCatDay, we present the latest adventures of Frederick “Freddie” Paw Olmsted and his owner, SMP executive editor, Keith Kahla:

Freddie wasn’t happy my impending vacation.

Freddie with sock

And did his best to discourage it:

Freddie and the computer

He got into some shenanigans while I was away…

Freddie on the Fridge

But he liked his cat sitter, a lot!

Freddie - excellent!

Still he seemed happy to see me when I got back.

Freddie - back home

Though he did immediately and impatiently want to know what I’d brought him back from Netherlands.

Freddie in the bag

And everything is chill now.

Freddie in the Sun

And we’re back to working on our mutual selfies.

Freddie selfie

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