Starred Review Roundup

Save a spot on your shelves for these upcoming books that have received multiple starred reviews:

ALL THE BIRDS IN THE SKY by Charlie Jane Anders
A February 2016 Indie Next pick and a Kirkus Reviews’ Most Anticipated Book of 2016! A friendship between two adolescent misfits is the catalyst for an apocalyptic reckoning in this stunning SF debut. “At turns darkly funny and deeply melancholy, this is a polished gem of a novel from the Hugo Award–winning editor in chief of the website”Library Journal, starred review

“Anders’ knock-your-socks-off blend of science and magic will be a strong contender for science fiction and fantasy awards, appealing to not only genre fans but also those looking for great literary reads.” — Booklist, starred review

“Highly evocative of time and place, this stunning novel explores a triumvirate of fate, choice, and consequence and is worthy of comparison to Tracy Chevalier’s GIRL WITH A PEARL EARRING and Donna Tartt’s THE GOLDFINCH. Just as a painter may utilize thousands of fine brushstrokes, Smith slowly creates a masterly, multilayered story that will dazzle readers of fine historical fiction.” — Library Journal, starred review

“In this wonderfully engaging novel, centered on the paintings of fictional seventeenth-century Dutch artist Sara de Vos, Smith immerses the reader in three vibrant time periods. Rich in historical detail, the novel explores the immense challenges faced by women in the arts (past and present), provides a glimpse into the seedy underbelly of the art world across the centuries, and illustrates the transformative power and influence of great art. An outstanding achievement, filled with flawed and fascinating characters.” — Booklist, starred review

BLACK DEUTCHSLAND by Darryl Pinckney
The story of a young, gay African American man in divided Berlin. “Two distinct settings—West Berlin and Chicago—serve as backdrops for this richly imagined second novel by Pinckney. Teeming with characters, historical minutiae, and observations on art, Pinckney’s novel is a lively, inviting, and beautifully written story of survival by intellect.” — Publishers Weekly, boxed & starred review

“In a narrative that intersperses humor with literary parables, Pinckney successfully prods at the protected and tightly bounded yet fraught arena of self-actualization and identity.” Library Journal, starred review

In Joinson’s “gorgeous” (Library Journal, starred review) follow up to A LADY CYCLIST’S GUIDE TO KASHGAR, an unexpected visitor reveals a secret that unravels young Prue’s world, and she must follow the threads that lead her back to family secrets long-ago buried in 1920s Jerusalem.

Atmospheric, romantic, yet refreshingly acerbic—Joinson’s timely portrayal of the difficult relationships between different cultures is rivaled by her heartbreaking delineation of the fragile relationships between individuals.” Kirkus Reviews, starred review

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