OK, we know it’s not very discreet, but it’s true: THE DISCREET HERO by Mario Vargas Llosa is everywhere! The Nobel Prize–winning author’s latest novel turned up in the New York Times Book Review, The New Yorker, and was our #WeekendRead:

“The book is often funny; you turn the pages with relish; it offers plenty to think about and admire;…it immerses you in the way you hope any novel will immerse you.” New York Times Book Review

“THE DISCREET HERO, an energetic book with a more straightforward narrative method than almost any other Vargas Llosa novel… THE DISCREET HERO is most memorable for its optimism…and for the way in which Don Rigoberto is forced away from his etchings and phonograph records and into the ‘sordid warp and woof’ of the world he has scorned.” The New Yorker

“Lyrical and witty… A vivid tale of fathers and sons, rich and poor, this novel gives the world another reason to celebrate Vargas Llosa.” Publishers Weekly, starred review

“Irresistible… Father-and-son conflict is the theme that connects the two story lines and ensures an unbreakable connection between this fabulously arresting novel and the fortunate reader who steps into its pages. Vargas Llosa [is] a soaring storyteller.” Booklist, starred review

THE DISCREET HERO is out now from Farrar, Straus & Giroux.

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