It’s #ThrillerThursday! (12/2/14)

And we’re reading Jane Cleland’s BLOOD RUBIES and James W. Hall’s THE BIG FINISH!

BLOOD RUBIES by Jane Cleland

Pleasing …  The best part of this cozy is the knowledgeable discussion of antiques, including the eggs. Cleland has a knack for explaining things clearly without coming across as pedantic. Feline aficionados will enjoy Josie’s conversations with her cat.”–Publishers Weekly

THE BIG FINISH by James W. Hall

“Edgar-winner Hall’s heart-pounding 14th Thorn novel (after 2013’s Going Dark) takes the hard-bitten Florida PI to Pine Haven, N.C., where Thorn’s newly discovered son, Flynn Moss, and his fellow Earth Liberation Front activists target a hog factory farm in an “action” that goes awry.  Hall keeps the tension mounting as motives and alliances shift with the foul-scented wind. Even as violence looms, Hall’s talent for description adds a balancing, poetical note.”–Publishers Weekly

“As always, Hall combines absurdist mayhem with remarkably subtle character interaction. Thorn is a stripped-down hermit version of Travis McGee, but like Trav, he makes a fine avenging angel.”–Booklist

What are you reading this #ThrillerThursday? Share your picks with us @MacmillanLib.


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