Thriller Thursday (12/5/13 Edition)

Everyone's in holiday mode, but murder and mayhem never rest! 

Here are some of our recent #ThrillerThursday favorites to add to your reading wish list:

GOING DARK by James W. Hall
Thorn’s newly discovered son, Flynn, has naively fallen in with a group of extreme environmental activists who want to shut down a nuclear plant. When Thorn learns that some of the activists have far more violent intentions, he must intervene to try to save his son's life.
"Hall shifts among the skillfully drawn characters, each uncertain of which ends justify extreme means, as the action races toward a literally explosive climax at the nuclear plant. The result is both thoughtful and white-knuckle tense." Publishers Weekly, starred review

In the third book in the Crissa Stone series, the professional thief has stolen a drug lord's money and is on a mission to deliver part of the take to the needy family of one of her slain partners. Hot on Crissa's heels are the drug kingpin’s lethal lieutenants and a former Detroit cop with his own deadly agenda.
"Crissa Stone is emerging as one of the more compelling female criminals in mystery fiction. Stroby nails this taut, gripping contest between well-matched opponents." Publishers Weekly, starred review

THE SPOOK LIGHTS AFFAIR by Marcia Muller & Bill Pronzini
MWA Grand Masters Muller and Pronzini return to San Francisco in 1865 with new cases for John Concannon and Sabina Carpenter. Sabina investigates a disappearance of a debutante one foggy night, while John looks for the robber who stole $35,000 from Wells Fargo.
"Historical mystery readers will enjoy this well-researched story from a pair of always reliable genre veterans." Booklist

ONCE UPON A LIE by Maggie Barbieri
In a dramatic departure from her Murder 101 series, Maggie Barbieri has written a gripping novel about one burnt out mother's desperate determination to protect her family's future by facing down her past. What starts out as a standard suburban mystery evolves into an unexpectedly riveting tale of ordinary cruelty and complicated heroism.
"...Barbieri skillfully avoids tipping her hand until the last possible moment, leaving readers both breathless and unnerved by the novel’s conclusion." Publishers Weekly, starred & boxed review

What are you reading this #ThrillerThursday? Share your picks with us @MacmillanLib. And don't forget to share your #libfaves13 (especially if they're mysteries)!


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