Halloween Horror Week – Manic Monday!


It's Halloween week!!! Our love of black cats, mystery/thriller/horror stories and candy has combined to our great delight. To celebrate, we'll be sharing our favorite spooky things with you all week long.


Today, we've got three titles on Booklist's Top 10 Horror Fiction of 2013 list:

fun size cats 

APOCALYPSE COW by Michael Logan
Three losers must save Britain from a rampaging horde of zombie cows out for blood, not cud. Yes, you read that right. ZOMBIE COWS. Trust us, it's hilarious. 

BABAYAGA by Toby Barlow
Barlow's novel of love, spies, and witches in 1950s Paris is a wild romp with eccentric characters, including a good-hearted cop who's a flea!

LITTLE STAR by John Ajvide Lindqvist
"Dubbed the Stephen King of Sweden, Lindqvist (LET THE RIGHT ONE IN) lives up to the billing with a chilling tale of two teenage girls who team up as a terrifying singing duo bent on revenge against anyone who has ever crossed them." – New York Post, "Required Reading"

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