We love Wilton Barnhardt's LOOKAWAY, LOOKAWAY and are thrilled to see the latest great praise from the New York Times Book Review:

“Lacerating but affectionate, as exuberant as it is shrewd, LOOKAWAY, LOOKAWAY is a Southern novel so sure-footed the only real question for Barnhardt is, 'What took you so long?' The book is all about its characters, each of them delightfully flawed. Southern literature is full of humor but strangely short on satire. Barnhardt gleefully leaps into this gap like a man with a very long to-do list.... LOOKAWAY, LOOKAWAY is that rare thing: an excellent long novel that’s not long enough.” (An Editor's Choice selection!)

More reviews are still to come from People Magazine and the Wall Street Journal (among others), and it’s a September Indie Next pick

But wait, there's more! He's got a great website, including drool-worthy barbecue pictures

And don't forget you can send your friends some sassy Southern-style e-cards (especially if they wear white after Labor Day). 

book e-card 

- A little tactlessness every now and then can be strategic—but there's never any excuse for tastelessness. 

- We have had the misfortune in this family to enjoy privilege and to enjoy fortune but, inconveniently, not at the same time.

- If you don't know how to sustain the simplest of white lies, you have NO place in High Society!

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