Grammar Girl Says: Everything is All Right!

grammar girlGrammar Girl is here to help us understand a surprisingly tricky little word: "all."

On the Quick and Dirty Tips site she posted a podcast in which she explains when to use "all together" instead of "altogether," "all ready" instead of "already," and "all right" instead of "alright" and you might be startled by what she has to say.

For example, I hope you're all ready for this altogether mind-blowing fact:

"Alright" isn't a real word!

I KNOW. Click the big image below to read more about how to use each of these tricky words and phrases on the Quick and Dirty Tips site now.

If you're a fan of "alright," don't fret! In the podcast Grammar Girl says, "Regular listeners of this show know that language is always in flux, so perhaps 'alright' as one word is gaining a small footing."

Grammar Girl Pic

Grammar Girl (a.k.a. Mignon Fogarty) has a fantastic line of grammar advice books all available from St. Martin's Griffin.

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