Downton Abbey Fever Affecting Both Teens & Adults!

With the second season of Downton Abbey currently airing for us Americans on PBS, I'm sure many of your teen patrons have been looking for a way to extend the experience into their reading lives.

School library Journal offers a list of great books to keep the Downton experience alive between episodes including our tie-in titles, THE WORLD OF DOWNTON ABBEY and BELOW STAIRS. And just for fun, we want to add a deliciously scandalous novel to this fine list: THE AMERICAN HEIRESS

Of THE WORLD OF DOWNTON ABBEY School Library Journal says, 

"Filled with lush photos, interesting facts, and insider perspectives, this volume will captivate YAs who long to linger in the stately halls of Downton Abbey."

See a sample spread here on the blog.

Of BELOW STAIRS School Library Journal says,

"Entertaining and poignant anecdotes (an employer with a fetish for viewing house staff in their curlers or the sad fate of a pregnant under-parlor maid fired for being seduced by her mistress's nephew) and vividly drawn characters are woven into a narrative that skillfully re-creates a moment in time."

See School Library Journal's full list of Downton-esque books here.

And a little something fun for the crafty crowd: Downton Abbey Paper Dolls!



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