The Word of the Day: Crafts

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We're getting pretty serious about this whole "Word of the Day" theme. Let's see if I can keep it up for the rest of the week!

Monday's Word of the Day: Teens

Tuesday's Word of the Day: Chocolate

And today's Word of the Day: Crafts!

Step-by-Step Techniques, Easy-to-Follow Patterns, and 22 Projects to Get You Started
Marie Connolly

Sew you think you can knit, huh? Prove it with a cozy scarf. A scarf is where many knitters start and often return. Scarves never lose their appeal. For the beginner, this book offers basic stitches paired with beautiful yarns to create gorgeous scarves, from cozy winter warmers to delicate evening wraps. The more advanced can choose from cable patterns, lace stitches, Fair Isle patterns, and many other inspiring ideas.

THE VERY EASY GUIDE TO KNITTING SCARVES includes everything you need to get to grips with the stitch techniques, even if you are a complete beginner--plus plenty of designs suited to more adventurous knitters.

Everything the Beginner Needs to Know
Renata Graham

Every beader knows the seductive pleasures of the bead shop. And once you've got your purchases home: what then?

How do you put it all together to create a beautiful piece? Will crystal work well with wood? Can you set luster against luster? How many spacers between state beads? Will your piece sit still or shift and sway?

This book answers all of these questions, and many more. It is the must-have guide to the key design principles for beautiful beaded jewelry. And what's more, the book lets you test all this out with 20 wonderful projects.

THE VERY EASY GUIDE TO KNITTING SCARVES will be available in November and DESIGNING BEAD & WIRE JEWELRY is already available from Griffin.

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