Debut Galley Giveaway: IAGO

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UPDATE: We have sent out all of our IAGO galleys. Enjoy!

We just opened up a box of haunting IAGO galleys and we want you to have one!

David Snodin, British screenwriter/producer and now author, has created an unforgettable adventure beginning where Shakespeare's OTHELLO leaves off.

Wounded in love, tormented by his past, Shakespeare's most complex villain is brought magnificently to life in this tale of two adversaries—one an accused killer; the other, one of the most powerful men in Venice. 

Having escaped from Cyprus, accused of the murders of the governor, known as the Moor, and his lovely young wife, Iago is now locked in battle with Annibale Malipiero, known as Il Terribile, the chief inquisitor of Italy's greatest city.

Listen to a clip of Snodin discussing writing IAGO on the book page (duration: 6 minutes).

If you would like a galley of IAGO please send your name, your library, and your full mailing address to Library @ (subject: IAGO). Galleys will be given away on a first-come, first-served basis until we run out, so if you're interested contact us now!

This inventive and complex debut will be available in January from Henry Holt and Co..


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