when ali is away, the boss will play

Ali is in Hawaii and has left me in charge of the blog. BIG MISTAKE, FISH! (Did you know that I call her Fish?)

Mondays are usually the highlight of my week and they typically start with a medium iced coffee & an egg white wrap. Ali saunters in at the very late hour of 8:30 am (I’ve been at work for at least ten minutes already) and we talk about our plans to take over the world.

We start with a recap of everything that we’ve read over the weekend, all the cute animals we met, and then offer school-like book reports on movies or tv shows we’ve watched that featured kittens.

Ali then updates me on all of her current projects – right now she’s working on promoting our “Books for Teens” titles. As I may have mentioned on Twitter (y’all are following me, right?) I’ve decided not to create a brochure or poster highlighting our favorite YA-OKAY and teen friendly titles. I can’t tell you what I’ve decided to do instead but it includes a three-armed dinosaur hand-drawn by Ali.

That’s all. If I’m not too depressed I’ll check in again tomorrow.

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