A Smart, Inventive Sci-Fi Debut: The Quantum Thief

It's difficult to describe a book like Hannu Rajaniemi's stellar sci-fi debut, THE QUANTUM THIEF. This book is structurally defiant, believably bizarre, and driven by the hot desires of desperate theives and clever detectives. It's very smart and it's a helluva trip.

You may have already seen it on lists like Kirkus Review's 10 Can't-Miss SFF Books for 2011 and io9's Books We Can't Wait for this Spring

"Finnish author Rajaniemi’s outstanding debut demonstrates a level of complexity and storytelling skill rarely found from even the most experienced authors. Rajaniemi belongs in a class with Gene Wolfe and Samuel Delany and deserves a wide readership." Library Journal (starred review)

"A sort of paranoid-conspiracy, hard sci-fi whodunit: the Scotland resident, Finnish author's jaw-dropping debut. All this barely hints at the complex inventions and extrapolations, richly textured backdrop and well-developed characters seamlessly woven into a narrative stuffed with scientific, literary and cultural references. [...] Spectacularly and convincingly inventive, assured and wholly spellbinding: one of the most impressive debuts in years." Kirkus Reviews (starred review)

[UPDATE]: Publishers Weekly has also given THE QUANTUM THIEF a starred review. They say, "Rajaniemi melds a caper novel, New Wave aesthetics, and theoretical physics into a stellar debut. [...] The plot itself is straightforward, allowing the mix of multiple narrative styles and viewpoints, elegant world building, and gonzo futurism to astonish without overwhelming."

THE QUANTUM THIEF will be available from Tor next week!


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