Of Love, Zombies, and Time Travel

It's Valentine's Day. Maybe that makes you swoon. Maybe it makes you gag. Maybe you took the day off work to sit by the mailbox. Well, forget "real life"! Today is the perfect day for a little escapist fiction. I advocate that tonight, just for a little while, you crawl in between the covers of a splendid and strange romance. I sure will be. 

I spent the morning browsing Macmillan's shelves for a romantic adventure unlike anything I've known. I narrowed my options down to two books that feature extraordinary love stories that I just don't think I'll ever experience:

Option 1, THE MISTS OF TIME by Susan Squires. 

I couldn't resist this lone title listed under the category Romance > Time Travel. That's right. Tonight I may just be going back in time to the days of King Arthur for a chance encounter with the blush/flush/giggle-worthy knight, Gawain. 

Option 2, HUNGRY FOR YOUR LOVE edited by Lori Perkins.

This collection of undead romance stories seduced me with its indiscriminate and trans-mortality courtships: zombies crush on humans, humans fall for zombies, and zombies yearn for one another. Obsessive desire! Undying love! Sleepless torments! This is passion at its best.

I think I may just have to pick up both. 


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