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The Omen Machine Giveaway Winner — Bryan Kratish!

And so it was...

That Bryan Kratish* of the Millhopper Branch of the Alachua County Library District won The Omen Machine Awesome Stuff Giveaway!

Bryan will get an Omen Machine-branded hat, a bookplate signed by Terry Goodkind, and a hardcover of the epic new book.

Though I've never met the chap, I can pretty much guarantee that once Bryan gets his prize gear, he'll never take off that fetching cap.

As for everyone else, join us again for more contests! There are few things we love more than rewarding librarians for their hard work, so we run giveaways frequently.

Congrats, Bryan. Enjoy.


The Omen Machine Awesome Stuff Giveaway!

Terry Goodkind returns with an epic new Richard and Kahlan adventure... and we have the cap to prove it! If you want to get your hands on this rad hat, then check out the details below!

But first, here's a quick look at the goings-on in THE OMEN MACHINE:

An accident leads to the discovery of a mysterious machine that has rested hidden deep underground for countless millennia. The machine awakens and issues a cataclysmic omen involving Richard and Kahlan. As catastrophe approaches, the machine reveals that it is within its power to withdraw the omen...In exchange for an impossible demand.

As you can see below, we've quality tested the cap for you (you're welcome) and can assure you that it's super comfy and has an adjustable strap in back.

[UPDATE]: This contest is now CLOSED. Congratulations to winner Bryan Kratish of Alachua County!

Enter to win this swanky cap, a SIGNED bookplate, and a hardcover copy of THE OMEN MACHINE, by sending your name, your library, and your full mailing address to (Subject: Omen Machine Giveaway) by Tuesday, August 16th.

This sweepstakes is open to current librarians in the United States. More details on eligibility below!


Sartorial Friday: Hats & Breeches

by Sarah Cant
Cloches! Trilbies! Pillboxes! Coolies! A hat for every mood and outfit. Deceptive surname aside, Sarah Cant shows how you can, in fact, master a range of classic and tailored hat designs. Not only does Sarah help you master the basics, she also shows how modifications on the design can be made successfully for personalized creations. Flappers rejoice! There's even instructions on attaching feathers and beading.

by Jason Maclochlainn
And for the semstress that swoons over petticoats, pantalettes, and crinolines, Jason Maclochlainn has made it easy to recreate your favorite late 19th century fashions. Not only are there patterns for capes, waistcoats, and the like, Maclochlainn also includes tips on which fabrics to pick, which stitching techniques to use, and fills in some historical context. Perfect for tea parties and steampunk conventions. (available 3/15/2011)