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Booklist’s Best Romance Books of 2017

We’re in love with Booklist‘s Top 10 Romance reading lists of 2017*, including these three Macmillan titles:
Top 10 Romance Fiction (full list)

In Enoch’s scrumptious tale, in Scotland, Major Gabriel Forrester inherits a title and a castle, which Fiona Blackstock has been expertly managing. Will she help this unwelcome English duke gain the trust of the people?

Top 10 Romance Debuts (full list)

THE BAD LUCK BRIDE by Janna MacGregor
Claire Cavensham is about to lose her fourth fiancé; Should she consider a proposal of mutual convenience from a marquess? MacGregor makes this classic romantic story line marvelously fresh.

THE IDEA OF YOU by Robinne Lee
This sexy, bittersweet debut by actress turned author Lee portrays a Los Angeles single mother, Solene, who finds herself involved with a much younger British rock star. readmoreremove

Booklist’s Best Romance Books of 2016

Booklist recently unveiled their Top 10 Romance reading lists of 2016*, including these three Macmillan titles:
Top 10 Romance Fiction (full list)

BECAUSE I’M WATCHING by Christina Dodd
Dodd pivots smartly from romance to suspense in her third sexy, scary tale set in Virtue Falls, where so-called Mad Maddie isn’t actually crazy, but vet Jacob just might be.

Top 10 Romance Fiction for Youth (full list)

CARRY ON by Rainbow Rowell
First alluded to in Rowell’s FANGIRL, this Harry Potter–like fantasy follows “chosen one” Simon Snow in his last year at magic school as he falls for his infuriating, possibly evil roommate, Baz.

SUMMER DAYS AND SUMMER NIGHTS, edited by Stephanie Perkins
This collection of short stories of summer romance from a bevy of YA authors varies widely in genre and tone, and though some may at first sound formulaic, all pack a surprising depth. There’s not a false note among them.

Plus, Erica Lorraine Scheidt’s USES FOR BOYS was mentioned as a good example in the “Sex in YA: What Works, What Doesn’t, and Why It Matters” article.