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June 2018 Bestsellers & Recent Releases

Here’s our updated Edelweiss collection of this month’s bestsellers and recently released titles, perfect for collection development!  Here are some of the top titles for June 2018:

WHAT TRUTH SOUNDS LIKE by Michael Eric Dyson
THE SUN DOES SHINE by Anthony Ray Hinton – Oprah Book Club Edition

Recent Releases:
BLACK KLANSMAN by Ron Stallworth
WITCHMARK by C.L. Polk readmoreremove

June 2018 Nonfiction

Add these June nonfiction titles to your library’s shelves today:

THE THIRD BANK OF THE RIVER: Power and Survival in the Twenty-First Century Amazon by Chris Feliciano Arnold
A veteran journalist traces the war over the Amazon as activists, locals, and indigenous tribes struggle to save the jungle from the threat of loggers, drug lords, and corrupt politicians. “A saddening, maddening story that draws much-needed attention to crime without punishment in a remote—but not invisible—part of the world.” —Kirkus Reviews

WHAT TRUTH SOUNDS LIKE: Robert F Kennedy, James Baldwin, and Our unfinished Conversation About Race in America by Michael Eric Dyson
Also available in audio
A stunning follow up to TEARS WE CANNOT STOP, WHAT TRUTH SOUNDS LIKE is another timely exploration of America’s tortured racial politics. This book exists at the tense intersection of the conflict between politics and prophecy—of whether we embrace political resolution or moral redemption to fix our fractured racial landscape. “After providing the backstories and historical context of the participants, Dyson offers contemporary examples of public figures who struggle for equality. The result is a moving ode to the potentiality of American social progress.” —Booklist, starred review

WHAT WOULD THE GREAT ECONOMISTS DO?: How Twelve Brilliant Minds Would Solve Today’s Biggest Problems by Linda Yueh
A timely exploration of the life and work of world-changing thinkers—from Adam Smith to John Maynard Keynes—and how their ideas would solve the great economic problems we face today. “Few economics books are able to address major problems, present leading and sometimes conflicting theories, and be accessible to the casual reader. Yueh takes current issues affecting today’s economy and attacks them through the eyes of a dozen leading economists, from the historic to the contemporary, clearly applying their work to modern problems.” —Booklist, starred review readmoreremove

Pages on Politics

Happy Election Day 2015!

Get out and rock the vote, then settle in with one of these books about politics:

THE U.S. HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES: Fundamentals of American Government by Matthew Spieler
In the third book in the Fundamentals of American Government civics series, Spieler clearly and concisely explains the functions and importance of the United States House of Representatives.

TURNING TEXAS BLUE: What It Will Take to Break the GOP Grip on America’s Reddest State by Mary Beth Rogers
“This admirably slim, mildly polemical guide to electoral change in Texas will appeal to political junkies on both the left and right. Democrats will value [political strategist Rogers’s] analysis of how to reverse Democratic political fortunes, and Republicans who want to stave off a plausible, but by no means inevitable, swing to the Democrats by 2020 should also take a look.” — Publishers Weekly

LISTEN, LIBERAL by Thomas Frank
From the bestselling author of WHAT’S THE MATTER WITH KANSAS comes a scathing look at the standard-bearers of liberal politics—a book that asks: what’s the matter with Democrats?

NEVER ENOUGH: Donald Trump and the Pursuit of Success by Michael D’Antonio
A revealing new unauthorized biography about the Presidential candidate including firsthand interviews with “the Donald” himself and others, by Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter Michael D’Antonio.