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Buzzfeed’s 19 Incredible New Spring Books

buzzfeed springA toppling TBR pile is the best problem to have. Here are Buzzfeed’s “19 Incredible New Books You Need To Read This Spring:”

BLACKASS by A. Igoni Barrett
A. Igoni Barrett’s brilliant novel BLACKASS is a provocative, contemporary reworking of Kafka’s Metamorphosis — but set in the bustling metropolis of Lagos and starring a Nigerian man who wakes up one day as a white man. A searing satire about race and identity in modern-day Nigeria, BLACKASS will make you both laugh and marvel at its insight.

Helen Phillips’s new collection SOME POSSIBLE SOLUTIONS is a journey in possibility — every story involves a quirky “what if” scenario that often borders on downright bizarre. Sometimes surreal and always clever, SOME POSSIBLE SOLUTIONS will make you reexamine your own reality.

THE LONELY CITY by Olivia Laing
Olivia Laing’s THE LONELY CITY is a profoundly moving contemplation of loneliness as portrayed through iconic works of art and the lives of the artists, part memoir and part biography. Deeply affecting and insightful, THE LONELY CITY looks at the role of loneliness in human existence and the meaning of connection. readmoreremove

LJ’s First “Writes” of Spring 2016

Library Journal‘s roundup of seasonal first novels includes these six “Literary Look-Sees” from Macmillan:

Hopwood Award–­winning author Daviau interweaves time travel, music, and love to good effect in her “mind-bending” debut. According to NPR, she delivers “a bittersweet, century-hopping odyssey of love, laced with weird science, music geekery, and heart-wrenching laughs…a wise, witty, whipcrack sci-fi romp about how our passions can both lift us up and hold us back.” LJ’s reviewer said, “Daviau writes with humor and compassion, creating absorbing, sympathetic characters and enveloping serious questions about love and life-changing events.”

BACK TO MOSCOW by Guillermo Erades
In 1999, young Martin enrolls at an elite Moscow school as a student of ­Russian language and literature and falls in with a gang of carousing expats. “An appealingly chaotic—if familiar—look at the inner life of a young ‘intellectual,’ ” read the Kirkus review. “With hints of Anthony Burgess’s A CLOCKWORK ORANGE, notes of Gary Shteyngart, and a shadow of Masha Gessen, Erades’s first novel is part frothy concoction and part deadly hemlock…. [T]he story begs to be read in one sitting.”

THE BOOK OF MEMORY by Petina Gappah
Gappah returns to her native Zimbabwe after her successful story collection AN ELEGY FOR EASTERLY, featuring albino Memory as her narrator. “A fiercely vivid novel…[a] beautiful, gliding dance of language,” said the Los Angeles Times. “[A]n exploration into the unpredictable grip of memory and perception,” said Booklist. LJ’s reviewer said Gappah “delivers her themes successfully, while stimulating all the senses with Memory’s vivid descriptions of food, music, heat, colors, and scents.” readmoreremove

Booklist Spring 2016 YA webinar

Today Anne “sweet teeth” Spieth highlighted her favorite teen titles during Booklist‘s YA Announcements: Spring 2016 webinar (twitter hashtag #YASpring16). For those who weren’t able to listen in, here are Anne’s top picks:

Highlights from Fall 2015
BREAKAWAY by Kat Spears (A 2016 YALSA Best Fiction for Young Adults nominee) | ISBN: 9781250065513 | Hardcover | Social Issues/Friendship | Ages 14 to 18 | Available Now
DREAM THINGS TRUE by Marie Marquardt (A 2016 YALSA Quick Picks for Reluctant Readers nominee) | ISBN: 9781250070456 | Hardcover | Love & Romance | Ages 13 to 18 | Available Now
THE WEIGHT OF FEATHERS by Anna-Marie McLemore (A 2016 YALSA Morris Debut Award Finalist & A 2016 YALSA Best Fiction for Young Adults selection) | ISBN: 9781250058652 | Hardcover | Love & Romance | Ages 14 to 18 | Available Now
BLANKETS by Craig Thompson (Winner of two Eisner Awards and three Harvey Awards) | ISBN: 9781770462182 | Trade Paperback | Graphic Novels/Memoir | Available Now
CARRY ON by Rainbow Rowell (A 2016 YALSA Best Fiction for Young Adults selection & a 2016 Rainbow Book selection) ISBN: 9781250049551 | Hardcover | Fantasy & Magic | Ages 13 to 19 | Available Now

Introducing Flatiron YA
IF I WAS YOUR GIRL by Meredith Russo | ISBN: 9781250078407 | Hardcover | Love & Romance, LGBT | Ages 13 to 18 | On Sale: May 3
AMERICAN GIRLS by Allison Umminger | ISBN: 9781250075000 | Hardcover | Girls & Women | Ages 13 And Up | On Sale: June 7

Summer Blockbusters
YOU KNOW ME WELL by David Levithan & Nina LaCour | ISBN: 9781250098641 | Hardcover | Love & Romance | Ages 13 to 19 | On Sale: June 7
SUMMER DAYS & SUMMER NIGHTS: Twelve Love Stories, edited by Stephanie Perkins | ISBN: 9781250079121 | Hardcover | Love & Romance | Ages 13 to 18 | On Sale: June 14

FIRSTS by Laurie Elizabeth Flynn | ISBN: 9781250075963 | Hardcover | Social Issues/Dating & Sex | Ages 14 to 18 | Available Now
SANCTUARY BAY by Laura J. Burns & Melinda Metz | ISBN: 9781250051363 | Hardcover | Thrillers & Suspense | Ages 14 to 18 | Available Now
IN REAL LIFE by Jessica Love | ISBN: 9781250064714 | Hardcover | Love & Romance | Ages 14 to 18 | Available Now
THE ONLY THING WORSE THAN ME IS YOU by Lily Anderson | ISBN: 9781250079091 | Hardcover | Love & Romance | Ages 12 to 18 | On Sale: May 17

Magic & Fantasy
THE STAR-TOUCHED QUEEN by Roshani Chokshi | ISBN: 9781250085474 | Hardcover | Fantasy & Magic | Ages 13 to 19 | On Sale: April 26 | #wndb
THE HIDDEN TWIN by Adi Rule | ISBN: 9781250036322 | Hardcover | Fantasy & Magic | Ages 12 to 18 | On Sale: March 22

Next in the Series
RESURGENCE by Kerry Wilkinson (The Silver Blackthorn Trilogy #3) | ISBN: 9781250090799 | Hardcover | Dystopian | Ages 13 to 18 | On Sale: May 31
ALMOST MIDNIGHT by C.C. Hunter (Shadow Falls After Dark series) | ISBN: 9781250081001 | Trade Paperback | Fantasy & Magic | Ages 12 to 18 | Available Now
CAN YOU KEEP A SECRET? by R.L. Stine (Fear Street series) | ISBN: 9781250058942 | Hardcover | Horror | Ages 12 to 18 | On Sale: April 12
DREAMFEVER by Kit Alloway (The Dream Walker series) | ISBN: 9781250078117 | Hardcover | Fantasy & Magic | Ages 13 to 18 | Available Now
INVISION by Sherrilyn Kenyon (The Chronicles of Nick series) | ISBN: 9781250063885 | Hardcover | Fantasy & Magic | Ages 12 to 18 | On Sale: May 3 readmoreremove

LJ Editors’ Spring Picks 2016

The lovely editors at Library Journal can’t wait to get their hands on these four Spring 2016 books from Macmillan:

“A witch-haunted small town, a teenager possessed by the devil, and a religious pilgrimage with a whiff of brimstone. No, these are not Halloween releases but several upcoming titles that captured my darker fancies. Tourists are welcome in the pretty Hudson Valley town of Black Spring, NY, the setting of Thomas Olde Heuvelt’s HEX (Tor Books, on sale April 26), but they are not encouraged to stay, for the inhabitants of Black Spring live under a witch’s curse. Hanged in the 17th century, Katherine van Wyler now walks the streets and enters houses at will, startling residents with her disturbing appearance (her eyes and mouth are sewn shut). To prevent the curse from spreading, the town elders use high-tech surveillance to quarantine its citizens. But when some teenage boys decide to go viral on social media, the consequences are dire. The English-language debut of this best-selling Dutch novel by a Hugo Award–winning writer will creep you out.” — Wilda Williams

Elizabeth Hand’s HARD LIGHT: A Cass Neary Crime Novel (Minotaur Books, on sale April 19), the third series entry, stars one of my favorite hard-living antiheroines, punk photographer Cass Neary. She’s in London this time out (after hair-raising experiences in Iceland and Maine), and she’s waiting for her man. Long-lost lover boy Quinn is MIA; maybe something to do with all the baddies looking for him and all the money he owes around London town? No matter: Cass hooks up with an Amy Winehouse type and attracts all the wrong sorts of people. Cass’s legion of fans will snap up this one for sure.” — Liz French readmoreremove