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Happy Friday, YA librarians! 

Welcome to this special *Friday edition* of Day’s YA! I’ve been going on and on and on about this book to anyone who will listen (roommates, coworkers, librarians at PLA, unsuspecting strangers, etc.), so I’m very excited to share it will all of you!

I’M NOT MISSING by Carrie Fountain
Available July 10, 2018 from Flatiron Books
Ages 13 to 18

Wow. This book is stunning. It opens on Miranda and Syd—the very best of friends—hanging out in the pseudo-graveyard behind Syd’s house. It’s where they go to get away from the rest of the world and to be in the company of each other . . .

Miranda and Syd don’t have a lot in common (Syd is larger-than-life, and Miranda spends most of her time in Syd’s shadow), but they are bound together by one vital similarity: they both have mothers who’ve abandoned them. Miranda and her father are still very close, but Syd is now left with her deadbeat dad and his new wife, neither of whom seem to care much about Syd. Miranda is Syd’s only real companion and they’ve always been there for each other. Until Syd runs away in the middle of their senior year and with absolutely no explanation. Now Miranda is left behind again and must discover who she is on her own, as she works to untangle the clues Syd left behind. Along the way, Miranda must also navigate her first love, college decisions, and her evolving relationship with her adoring (and slightly nerdy) father. readmoreremove


Remember when we told you about Tarashea Nesbit's THE WIVES OF LOS ALAMOS? You know, the one told in the collective voices of the wives of the men who created the atom bomb (think THE GIRLS OF ATOMIC CITY meets THE ASTRONAUT WIVES' CLUB, only fiction)? Well, it turns out there's even more great news about this incredible debut novel:

Barnes & Noble named it one of their Spring 2014 Discover Great New Writers Selections!

The ABA selected it for their Spring 2014 Indies Introduce program (meaning, they think it's one of the ten best Adult titles of the season)!

It's a March 2014 Indie Next selection!

It's received two starred reviews with more glowing praise to come:

"The author’s writing—by turns touching, confiding, and matter-of-fact—perfectly captures the commonalities of the hive mind while also emphasizing the little things that make each wife dissimilar from the pack. Engrossing, dense, and believable." Publishers Weekly, starred review

"That this novel about the lives of women whose husbands worked at Los Alamos during WWII achieves with no real plot and no real main character is astounding. Through their lives and, eventually, their varied reactions to the dropping of the first atomic bombs on Japan, Nesbit brings alive questions of war and power that dog us to this day." Booklist, starred review

"Recommended both for its important subject matter and for the author’s vivid storytelling.” Library Journal

Keep an eye out for reviews to come in O Magazine, More Magazine, Glamour, the Chicago Tribune, the Boston Globe and many more!