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Shelfie with Veronica Chambers

We recently challenged author Veronica Chambers (QUEEN BEY and THE MEANING OF MICHELLE among many others) to a shelfie. Would she dare to show us (and thousands of our librarian pals) her favorite shelf in her personal library? What truths might it reveal about her as a reader and as a person? Well, we’re pleased to say that Ms. Chambers was undaunted and offered a fantastic snapshot of both the shelf and the “why” behind it.



I moved to the United States (from Panama, by way of England) when I was five-years-old. My parents were new Americans, both big readers, but money was always tight. I remember my library card and the Brooklyn Public Library at 1000 Utica Avenue, the way some kids remember softball mitts and playing fields. The library card was an extension of my hand. The library was my playing field.