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Matt Young joined the Marine Corps at age eighteen after a drunken night culminating in wrapping his car around a fire hydrant, and deployed to Iraq three times. Now a creative-writing professor at Centralia College, Young shares his experiences through a broad range of narrative approaches (second person, third person, first-person plural, screenplay, crude drawings, invented dialogue between various selves) in his memoir, EAT THE APPLE, which has THREE starred reviews:

“Young’s visceral prose, honed in college and writing programs after his tours of duty, confronts shame, guilt, and pain without flinching yet is beyond sympathetic to its subject; it is another act of service.” — Booklist, starred review

“[A] bold memoir… with raw honesty, humor, and pathos. Comparisons to Michael Herr’s DISPATCHES, about the Vietnam War, are apt, but where Herr searched for thrills and headlines as a journalist, Young writes from a grunt’s perspective that has changed little since Roman legionnaires yawned through night watch on Hadrian’s Wall: endless tedium interrupted by moments of terror and hilarity, all under a strict regime of blind obedience and foolish machismo.” Publishers Weekly, starred review

“This honest war memoir will shock and horrify, will cause readers to tear up, and will make them wish they could tell a 19-year-old marine that everything will be okay. Highly recommended for all collections.” — Library Journal, starred review readmoreremove

Veteran’s Day 2016

In honor of Veteran’s Day we’d like to share with you these bestselling and recently published titles:

WAY OF THE REAPER: My Greatest Untold Missions and the Art of Being a Sniper by Nicholas Irving, with Gary Brozek
A thrilling account of Nick “The Reaper” Irving’s 10 greatest sniper kill missions that provide insight into the art of being a sniper.

DAGGER 22: U.S. Marine Corps Special Operations in Bala Murghab, Afghanistan by Michael Golembesky
The thrilling true story of a Marine special forces unit in a battle for their lives in Afghanistan from the New York Times bestselling author of LEVEL ZERO HEROES.

FIGHTING BLIND: A Green Beret’s Story of Extraordinary Courage by Ivan Castro and Jim DeFelice
The true story of Ivan Castro, a Green Beret who was blinded by mortar fire in combat and fought his way back to active duty with help from the Boston Marathon.

SEVEN DAYS OF INFAMY: Pearl Harbor Across the World by Nicholas Best
The fascinating details of the week surrounding the surprise attack on Pearl Harbor—seven days that would change the world forever.

RELENTLESS STRIKE: The Secret History of Joint Special Operations Command by Sean Naylor
A New York Times bestseller, now available in paperback. The bestselling explosive secret history of Joint Special Operations Command—the powerful and secretive military organization responsible for America’s covert war on terror.

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