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Nonfiction Round-Up (10/02/19)

Forming habits…answered, the memoir of an immigrant family’s American Dream, learning the science of reading people’s faces, and a spooky addition to Augusten Burrough’s collection of memoirs. Check it all out in today’s #nonfiction round-up

GOOD HABITS, BAD HABITS: The Science of Making Positive Changes That Stick by Wendy Wood

“Wood’s research and perspective on the malleability of habits will bring hope to any reader looking to create long-term behavioral change.”–Publishers Weekly, starred review

HERE WE ARE: American Dreams, American Nightmares by Aarti Namdev Shahani

“This thought-provoking and thoroughly engrossing memoir offers the story of Shahani’s experience, as well as those of other families who, though they did not find the American Dream, nevertheless found home.”–Library Journal, starred review


Friday Reads: Language Arts

Geeking out over Fantasy.

So, if you read our monthly newsletter you'll know that right now I'm reading the fantastic Spellwright. And I don't think I've been this geeked about a fantasy book since Lamentation.

The magic revolves around grammar and language, and there are multiple languages that wizards can master. The REAL kicker comes in the nature of the antagonist. Sure, any other author could be content with demons destroying the world with tooth and claw, but not Charlton. (continue reading) readmoreremove