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Freedom hits #1!

Congrats to Jonathan Franzen's Freedom, which will hit #1 on the September 19th New York Times  Best Sellers list! And just last week Nora over at EarlyWord pointed out that Mockingjay had more holds than Freedom. So come on librarians, put your book-talking powers to good use and let your patrons know what an amazing book this is!


Ron Charles gives Freedom to Oprah. Or something.

Everyone says that book publishing rides on the backs of quickly melting glaciers. And that soon it will be lying motionless on the bottom of the Arctic Ocean along with the polar bears and unicorns.

Well that is NOT TRUE, because Ron Charles is here with his hip, inpsiring, and Beanie Baby-filled video reviews! Take the review for Freedom. It's AMAZING. My favorite is the sepia-tinted flashback to when the NYT first reviewed the book in the 19th century. Take a moment to watch it.

And in Freedom related news, I think Earlyword is wrong. I think that Oprah WILL pick Freedom has her next book club choice. Nora said she thinks it's a St. Martin's Press book, and that Macmillan fudged the price rather than the ISBN. Well I think that's sillyness. Can you imagine a library ordering it's usual 40 copies, expecting to pay $26.99 per book, yet actually charged $28!? There would be an uproar!

So, Oprah will pick Freedom, and there will be a tearful televised forgive-fest. And that's that.