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Furry Friends Roundup

These books about furry friends are #CuteOverload:

DOUG THE PUG: The King of Pop Culture by Leslie Mosier
Doug the Pug is the King of Pop Culture with over 7 million adoring fans on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat! He’s bumped noses with the hottest stars out there: Justin Bieber, Steven Tyler, Ed Sheeran, John Legend, and Chrissy Teigen, just to name a few. Did you catch him in Fall Out Boy’s latest music video? Doug’s a rising star, but he doesn’t let fame go to his head. He’s a simple dog with a great big heart.

PUMPKIN: The Raccoon Who Thought She Was a Dog by Laura L. Young
As a baby, Pumpkin the Raccoon was abandoned by her parents after falling out of a tree and breaking her leg. Taken in by a family with two rescue dogs, Toffee and Oreo, Pumpkin gained a new set of “parents” and a life of luxury in the Bahamas. Check out Pumpkin’s feature on Good Morning America! “…this book is cuteness overload and will appeal to all age groups.” — Library Journal

AC the cat is back! And his owner Kate Funk has come up with some even more hilarious, increasingly ridiculous costumes for him to model, from Rosie the Riveter, to Max from Where the Wild Things Are, to Marty McFly.

THE SHEPHERD’S VIEW: Modern Photographs From an Ancient Landscape by James Rebanks
Two starred reviews! “Rebanks’ prose and the photographs make the landscape come alive, and woolly sheep pictured against beautiful craggy meadows will entice readers to dream of shepherding. A true gem.” — Booklist, starred review

SAD ANIMAL FACTS by Brooke Barker
Barker’s hand-illustrated collection of the Animal Kingdom’s more unfortunate truths is beyond hilarious and has an amazing book trailer.

DOGS WHO SERVE: Incredible Stories of Our Canine Military Heroes by Lisa Rogak
Military Working Dogs have played a vital role in the United States armed forces throughout history. In this celebration of their contributions to our nation, Lisa Rogak profiles these heroic dogs and showcases them in vivid photographs that capture the devotion and respect these amazing canines, their devoted handlers, and fellow soldiers share for each other. readmoreremove

Friday Reads: Cats or Dogs?

It’s the end of the week and there’s only one thing left to debate: cats or dogs? Pups may have the advantage since it’s #NationalDogDay, but Macmillan Library is forever in the cat camp. #meow  Perhaps these pet-friendly #FridayReads picks can help:

CLOSE ENCOUNTERS OF THE FURRED KIND: New Adventures with My Sad Cat & Other Feline Friends by Tom Cox
If you loved reading about the antics of Bear—the world’s most melancholy cat—in Cox’s THE GOOD, THE BAD, AND THE FURRY, you’ll love this follow-up with more stories about Bear and his other feline friends. “…catnip even for a pup person… Cox’s prose about his furry family are what makes his memoir more endearing than a mere repackaging of his cats’ best Twitter material.” — The Los Angeles Times readmoreremove

Happy International Cat Day!

In honor of #InternationalCatDay, we present the latest adventures of Frederick “Freddie” Paw Olmsted and his owner, SMP executive editor, Keith Kahla:

Freddie wasn’t happy my impending vacation.

Freddie with sock

And did his best to discourage it:

Freddie and the computer

He got into some shenanigans while I was away…

Freddie on the Fridge


Cat in the Stacks

Friends, meet Frederick “Freddie” Paw Olmsted. He lives with SMP executive editor, Keith Kahla, who wants to tell you all about him:

Freddie in the Stacks-edit

“The cat is relatively new. He was a street rescue by a friend of a former assistant—a stray who was living on the streets of Bed Stuy (editor’s note: the cat, not the assistant). She took care of all the important vet stuff, but he and Otter, her rescue pit bull, weren’t the best of friends.”

Freddie and Otter

Long story short, he came home with me.




We’re happy to send off National Library Week tomorrow with a purrfect Caturday (that’s what we call Saturday snuggling with kitties) book: THE TRUE TAILS OF BAKER & TAYLOR: The Library Cats Who Left Their Pawprints on a Small Town…and the World by Jan Louch & Lisa Rogak.

It all started with mice in the library. Assistant librarian Jan Louch and a coworker found a pair of Scottish Folds who were perfect for the job. Jan named them Baker and Taylor, they took up residence in the library, and the rest is history.

Now you can have Baker & Taylor too, with a free poster (while supplies last)! Simply email (subject: True Tails of Baker and Taylor) from your professional/library-issued e-mail address and make sure to include your library’s mailing address.

We’ve also got 5 clever #librarycatproblems e-cards for you to download and share. Simply click on the image to open the full-size version in a new tab, then right-click on each picture and save to your computer!

Baker and taylor BreakBaker and Taylor CleaningBaker and Taylor Lunch readmoreremove

Talia’s CAT-TASTIC Sabbatical

My dear librarians,

On a whim, I applied to be a cat nanny in Manchester, England. Several Skype interviews and a few letters of recommendation later… And the position is mine!
I cannot wait for the many hours of snuggling, biscuit-making, and paw pad squishing! Let’s not forget the endless hours of toe floof and if I’m really lucky:


As you can imagine, my library marketing travels enabled me to accrue a bazillion airline and hotel points and I will be using all of them for this 4 month sabbatical. It’s been an honor working with y’all… Goodbye for now and see you all again in September!


Talia readmoreremove

Happy National Cat Day!

It’s NATIONAL CAT DAY! We salute you, feline friends:

Talia’s cat, Shmackies
Shmackies Collage

Ali’s cat, Jackson

Anne’s mom’s cat, Sylvester, a.k.a. “Silly Boy”


Share pics of your kitties with us @MacmillanLib, hashtag #nationalcatday! #meow



Friday Reads: MEOW

It’s almost Caturday (that’s what we call Saturday snuggling with kitties), and our #FridayReads picks are purrfect for weekend reading:

THE OLD MAN AND THE CAT by Nils Udderberg
Retired Professor of Psychology and reluctant pet owner Udderberg describes how his existence changed after a little speckled grey-brown homeless cat moved in with him. Aww!!

A GIFT FROM BOB by James Bowen
Read the first chapter now to find out how Street Cat Bob helps James learn the the true meaning of Christmas. (Is it catnip? OK, not catnip…we’ll keep reading.)

CATS ON THE JOB: 50 Fabulous Felines Who Purr, Mouse, and Even Sing for Their Supper by Lisa Rogak
Cats have a bad rep for being lazy, but they work, too! Not only do they work, they understand your office woes. Download and share all 6 of these e-cards with your colleagues (furry or human) who can commiserate.

Inbox meme
Costume meme
Coffee meme
Empire meme
Happy Hour meme
Intern meme


It’s Raining Cats & Dogs (On Our Shelves)

Some people love cats, some love dogs. Pick a side and let the fur fly with these new and forthcoming books:

THE DOG MASTER by W. Bruce Cameron
An evocative glimpse at prehistory, a heartwarming coming of age saga, and an exciting, imaginative look at the story of the first dog when the unfortunate Mal, cast out of his tribe because of his deformed foot, saves a a wolf cub.

BUSTER: The Military Dog Who Saved a Thousand Lives by Will Barrow & Isabel George
The #1 international bestselling heroic and heartwarming story of an RAF bomb-sniffing dog told by his best friend and handler. Fun facts about Buster (besides how the English Springer Spaniel has saved thousands of lives):
* He has served five tours of duty in three theatres of war (Bosnia, Iraq, and Afghanistan)—more than any other military dog.
* He won the prestigious Crufts Friends for Life Award in 2012.
* He has become the official lifetime mascot of the RAF Police, the only dog in history to have been honored in that manner.

CRUSOE, THE CELEBRITY DACHSHUND: Adventures of the Wiener Dog Extraordinaire by Ryan Beauchesne 
Crusoe may be a small dog, but he’s a big deal—talented, ridiculously photogenic, and proud of his larger-than-life personality and stunning fashion sense, as his many thousands of loyal followers can attest. Perhaps you know him better by his infamous alter ego, BATDOG? We thought so.


CATS ON THE JOB: 50 Fabulous Felines Who Purr, Mouse, and Even Sing for Their Supper by Lisa Rogak
An illustrated, full-color celebration of working cats from around the world. Or, this:


Happy #BookBday (4/21/15 Edition)

Today we wish a happy #BookBday to:

THE BLONDES by Emily Schultz
Schultz’s pandemic novel about a rabies-like disease carried only by blonde women is one of Kirkus Reviews’ April’s Best Bets and has THREE starred reviews, including this one from Library Journal: “Funny, horrific, and frighteningly realistic, Schultz’s second novel is a must read.”

This “impressive and dramatic”* novel about three men who share the same name and intertwining fortunes has a starred Kirkus Review* and Booklist said, “It’s a hugely entertaining story, mainstream commercial fiction, straddling the thin line between comedy and drama.”

The latest volume of the celebrated Cartoon Introduction series is an indispensable and entertaining primer to the fundamental questions about our existence. “A fun, clear and clever introduction to the rich history of philosophy in the Western world.” — Kirkus Reviews

And a happy belated #BookBday to: