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Our #LibFaves17 Picks

We enjoyed seeing so many of you participate in #LibFaves17 (thanks for making Jane Harper’s THE DRY an official 2017 Top Ten pick!).

Now here are OUR #LibFaves17 picks (aka our 2017 “Recommended Reads” from the newsletter):


Also available in audio
Finally, a book version of that romantic trilogy of films that Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy collaborated on… And most especially reminiscent of BEFORE SUNRISE. I’m also fondly reminded of the first boy that I ever fell in love with, his name was Lenny Grant, we were both sixteen and attending a summer writing program in Boston. It may as well have been Europe…

THE STANDARD GRAND by Jay Baron Nicorvo
THE STANDARD GRAND is reminiscent of Frank Bill’s CRIMES IN SOUTHERN INDIANA in terms of its grittiness and the ragtag group of misfit anti-heroes trying to survive in the wilderness. And I’ve always loved reading novels that were written in a sort of rushed exuberance—as if the author just had to share his or her story…

KNIFE CREEK by Paul Doiron
Also available in audio
Paul Doiron’s Mike Bowditch (my favorite bad-ass—does everything on his own terms—Maine game warden) is back for more! In KNIFE CREEK, Mike and his girlfriend Stacy (a bit of a rogue operator herself) are hunting wild rampaging boars that are destroying their beautiful town and surrounding environs. During the hunt, the couple discovers a dead infant in a shallow grave. Mike is a game warden but he’s got the instincts of a seasoned detective and must find out who committed such a gruesome deed. He just can’t help himself. And I love him for that. A home explosion that nearly kills him, an encounter with two very strange “sisters” wearing matching red wigs—one of whom may or may not be a long-dead co-ed (or was she kidnapped?), and a small town that’s full of suspects… Mike’s clearly on to something here, but what?

FRESH COMPLAINT by Jeffrey Eugenides
Also available in audio
I’ve always loved short story collections (see Shobha Rao’s AN UNRESTORED WOMAN, Tom Perrotta’s NINE INCHES, David Bezmozgis’ NATASHA, Helen Ellis’ AMERICAN HOUSEWIFE, Lauren Holmes’ BARBARA THE SLUT, James Franco’s PALO ALTO). The intensity of dipping into a life, briefly, and popping right out of it again… Of meeting someone at a particularly vulnerable and strangely fascinating moment in their lives… Of sharing that moment with them but never fully knowing when it began or where it ends is particularly exciting to me. And in Jeffrey Eugenides’ new short story collection FRESH COMPLAINT, meditations abound on life at every stage and at its most banally bizarre moments. Readers are thrown into a period of post-college idealism (and dysentery), mid-life pregnancies (and an ensuing tragicomedy), rebuilding after failure, sex studies in the jungle (and leaving one’s inhibitions behind), the worshiping of a musical instrument, a green card marriage and finally death. And we are treated to it all with a healthy dose of slightly off-beat characters.

THE WIFE BETWEEN US by Greer Hendricks & Sarah Pekkanen
Also available in audio
There’s a marketing specialist at Macmillan whose taste in books I trust completely. I will not name names, because she is my secret “book Santa” and I refuse to share her. Since 2004, she has very occasionally sent me manuscripts to read. She has always chosen a book that I end up loving, hating deeply, or at the very least ends up inciting an incredibly visceral reaction. I won’t list the favorites she’s sent, because her identity will most certainly be revealed. And now let’s talk about her latest manuscript, THE WIFE BETWEEN US. There is no train. There is no girl. There is drinking (all good stories need alcohol, right?). There is an unreliable narrator (but those are the most intriguing, aren’t they?). There is a handsome husband (marriages are always fascinating to dissect, good or bad!). There is “another” woman (a thriller always needs a mysterious “other,” right?). And that’s all I can tell you. Read it. And let’s talk about that ending.

INDECENT by Corinne Sullivan
An insecure shy teacher’s apprentice barely out of college at an all boys boarding school is tempted by the popular boy… He’s brash, he’s arrogant, he’s the leader of the pack… But, will she do what’s right? I can’t help but think of the only younger man that I ever dated. During the summer before I went off to college I dated a rising senior. He wore Polo cologne, had long hair and we spent most of that summer in hidden corners and behind closed doors. But it’s not the same, is it? readmoreremove

Cultural Inspirations from Three Pines

GamacheSeries“In the bedroom Clara picked up the well-worn book beside Jane’s bed, C.S. Lewis’s, Surprised by Joy. It smelled of Floris.” — from STILL LIFE

Readers of Louise Penny’s Inspector Armand Gamache series know that art and culture play a big a role in her satisfying mysteries. Minotaur Books invites you to explore creative works of cultural significance from the world of Three Pines in a countdown to the August 29th release of the new book, GLASS HOUSES.

Beginning this week and continuing every two weeks, will reveal a new cultural reference drawn from each book in the series, complete with photos and an open discussion forum. You’re always welcome to join any current or past discussion of any of the works.

Cultural Inspirations from Three Pines discussion schedule:

Now Open: Surprised by Joy by C.S. Lewis from STILL LIFE
March 28: To be revealed from A FATAL GRACE
April 11: To be revealed from THE CRUELEST MONTH
April 25: To be revealed from A RULE AGAINST MURDER
May 9: To be revealed from THE BRUTAL TELLING
May 23: To be revealed from BURY YOUR DEAD
June 6: To be revealed from A TRICK OF THE LIGHT
June 20: To be revealed from THE BEAUTIFUL MYSTERY
July 4: To be revealed from HOW THE LIGHT GETS IN
July 18: To be revealed from THE LONG WAY HOME
August 1: To be revealed from THE NATURE OF THE BEAST
August 15: To be revealed from A GREAT RECKONING

You can also read about recipes inspired by Three Pines, the real places of Three Pines, and more here. Happy discussing, and vive Gamache!

The Nature of the Feast

NatureoftheFeast“They ate by candlelight, the candles of all shapes and sizes flickering around the kitchen. Their plates were piled high with turkey and chestnut stuffing, candied yams and potatoes, peas and gravy.” — from STILL LIFE

Readers of Louise Penny’s Inspector Armand Gamache series have come to relish the descriptions of food as much as her engrossing characters and satisfying mysteries. Minotaur Books is pleased to invite you to THE NATURE OF THE FEAST, a celebration of recipes from the world of Three Pines in a countdown to the August 30th release of the new book, A GREAT RECKONING.

Beginning today and continuing every two weeks, will share a new recipe inspired from each book in the series, complete with photos and an open discussion forum. You’re always welcome to join any current or past discussion of any of the recipes.

THE NATURE OF THE FEAST recipe/discussion schedule:

Now Cooking: Roast Turkey and Chestnut Stuffing from STILL LIFE
April 5: Steak Frites with Mayonnaise from A FATAL GRACE
April 19: Sugar Pie from THE CRUELEST MONTH
May 3: Homemade Lemonade from A RULE AGAINST MURDER
May 17: Pain Doré from THE BRUTAL TELLING
May 31: French Onion Soup from BURY YOUR DEAD
June 14: Grilled Garlic Shrimp from A TRICK OF THE LIGHT
June 28: Cheese and Leek Dish with a Crunchy Crumble Top from THE BEAUTIFUL MYSTERY
July 12: Trifle from HOW THE LIGHT GETS IN
July 26: Chocolate and Raspberry Mousse from THE LONG WAY HOME
August 9: Apple and Avocado Salsa with Honey-Lime Dressing from THE NATURE OF THE BEAST

Bon Appetit!

The Real Places of Three Pines


GamacheSeries-stackedIf you’re a fan of Louise Penny’s Inspector Armand Gamache series like we are, then you know that the village of Three Pines is fictional and can’t be found on a map. BUT it’s inspired by real places and Louise finally reveals where they are in a countdown leading up to the publication of her newest Gamache book, THE NATURE OF THE BEAST (on sale August 25).

Every two weeks will reveal a real place that is the inspiration behind a fictional place in each of Louise’s books. Each post will include photos, an essay, and an area open for discussion.

Discover the Real Places of Three Pines: readmoreremove

The great Gamache re-read!

Long Way Home jacketLouise Penny's new book, THE LONG WAY HOME, won't be out until August 26, but our friends at Minotaur Books have something to help with your Three Pines-withdrawal: the great Gamache re-read!

Starting today, a community of readers is engaging in a group re-read of the nine books in Penny’s beloved, bestselling Chief Inspector Gamache series! From now through May 4, the group is reading STILL LIFE (Book 1) and going on to discuss the book. Then every two weeks the discussion moves to the next book with a guest post from a bookseller, librarian, blogger, fellow author, or major fan of Louise. (The first guest moderator is Lesa Holstine!)

Gamache Series

April 21 - May 4: STILL LIFE 
May 5-18: A FATAL GRACE 
June 30 - July 13: BURY YOUR DEAD 
July 28 - August 10: THE BEAUTIFUL MYSTERY 
August 11-25: HOW THE LIGHT GETS IN 

The re-read is a fantastic way for fans to revisit the magic of the series while also welcoming new readers into the community. Why not have your patrons (and patrons) join the fun? 

Happy (re-)reading! readmoreremove

Once Again Louise Penny Wins the Anthony Award for Best Novel!

This past weekend at Bouchercon, Louise Penny was awarded the Anthony Award for Best Novel for the third year in a row with another exquisite Chief Inspector Gamache novel, A TRICK OF THE LIGHT! In 2011 she won for BURY YOUR DEAD and in 2010 she won for THE BRUTAL TELLING

If you haven't joined the Penny party, it's about time! Robin Nesbitt of the Columbus Metropolitan Library admitted on the library's blog that she only just picked up the first book in the series and very much enjoyed it!

"This is a great read for fans of Agatha Christie.  Great characters, great writing, and good plot - if you haven't read this series yet, give it a try."

A word to new readers: the character and relationship development in these books is beautifully done, but they are all stand-alone mysteries so start with which ever book you can get your hands on!

See the rest of the Anthony Award winners here.


Monday Fun Day! (12/5/2011 Edition)

Welcome to a new week, librarians! We've had an exciting few weeks as the Best of 2011 lists come in and we get to celebrate many of our favorite books from throughout the year.

FIRST GRAVE ON THE RIGHT by Darynda Jones and narrated by Lorelei King has been named Best Romance Audio Book of 2011 by Audible!

- Steampunk pioneer and Hugo Award-nominated title, BONESHAKER, is scheduled to hit the silver screen! Variety has all the details here.

Mystery Cake- BURY YOUR DEAD by Louise Penny took home the Nero Award this weekend and we were even more heart-warmed to hear it after Ms. Penny joined us in the office last week for some deliciously mysterious cake! 

- Finally, Esquire named THE SUBMISSION by Amy Waldman Book of the Year!


Monday Fun Day! (9/19/2011 Edition)

Welcome to a new week, book lovers!

We have more exciting award news for you straight out of St. Louie. Last week we talked about our enthusiasm with the Barry Award winners and now we have even more to celebrate because both the Macavity Awards and the Anthony Awards were announced!

The 2011 Macmillan Macavity Award winners:
Best Novel: BURY YOUR DEAD by Louise Penny
Best First Novel: ROGUE ISLAND by Bruce DeSilva
Sue Feder Historical Mystery: CITY OF DRAGONS by Kelli Stanley

The 2011 Macmillan Anthony Awards winners (the Best Novel may sound familiar):
Best Novel: BURY YOUR DEAD by Louise Penny
Best First Novel: THE DAMAGE DONE by Hilary Davidson
Best Paperback Original: EXPIRATION DATE by Duane Swierczynski

You can see the full list of 2011 Macavity Award winners and 2011 Anthony Award winners at Lesa's Book Critiques.

Banned Books Week BannerBanned Books Week is just around the corner which means it's time to pull your favorite banned book off the shelf and remember what exactly makes that book important and unbannable to you. We also highly recommend you get involved with ALA's Virtual Read-Out on YouTube.

The Virtual Read-Out information page offers suggestions for the types of videos you can upload to their stream:

1) You can submit a video no more than two minutes long of a reading from a banned or challenged book.

2) A video of an eyewitness account of local challenges can be submitted. This video should be no longer than three minutes long.

Finally, we have to feature a few of these brilliant miniature paper sculptures that are mysteriously appearing in libraries across Edinburgh. Enjoy!

Paper Sculpture readmoreremove

The Macavity Award Nominees & Practical Cats

Most awards are named after boring ol' humans. I know, snoozefest, right? 

Well, I'm delighted to tell you that The Macavity Award brings something new to the table. This award is named after a cat, the "mystery cat" of T.S. Eliot's Old Possum's Book of Practical Cats to be exact.

Naming an award after a cat is understandable; naming an award after a mysterious, yet practical cat is really the only way to go.

The Macmillan Macavity Award-nominated titles for 2011 are as follows:

Best Mystery Novel
BURY YOUR DEAD by Louise Penny*

Best First Mystery Novel
THE DAMAGE DONE by Hilary Davidson
ROGUE ISLAND by Bruce DeSilva
THE POACHER'S SON by Paul Doiron

Sue Feder Memorial Historical Mystery
CITY OF DRAGONS by Kelli Stanley**

To see the full list of nominated titles click here.


Bury Your Dead Wins Arthur Ellis Award for Best Crime Novel!

The Crime Writers of Canada have named BURY YOUR DEAD by Louise Penny winner of the 2011 Arthur Ellis Award for Best Crime Novel!

Don't forget that last month BURY YOUR DEAD also won the Agatha Award for Best Novel

If you haven't read it yet, now's the time! If you have, don't worry, the next Chief Inspector Gamache Novel, A TRICK OF THE LIGHT, will be available August 30th from Minotaur Books.