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Nonfiction Round-Up (4/10/19)

Today’s nonfiction round-up uncovers the fast-paced world of high-end catering and argues for big business!

HOTBOX: Inside Catering, the Food World’s Riskiest Business by Matt and Ted Lee

Check out the New York Times profile on brothers + authors Matt and Ted.

“Veteran cookbook authors Matt and Lee take a behind-the-scenes look at the stressful world of high-end catering… The personalities involved, as well as the sumptuous foods described, are presented in delicious detail… The authors do a great job at taking readers behind the scenes of a hectic profession many might take for granted.”–Library Journal

BIG BUSINESS: A Love Letter to an American Anti-Hero by Tyler Cowen

“Cowen writes conversationally, making for relatively fast reading about these timely and complex economic issues ranging from globalization, social media, and national politics. Readers seeking information about the relationship between the government and businesses and the role of free enterprise in labor economics and in politics will find many insights in Cowen’s arguments.”–Booklist

PW Spring 2019 Announcements

Publishers Weekly has chosen the stand-out books from the coming months for their 2019 Spring Announcements, and there are 81 Macmillan titles you’ll need to save room for on your shelves!

Business & Economics

THE BILLIONAIRE BOONDOGGLE: How Our Politicians Let Corporations and Bigwigs Steal Our Money and Jobs by Pat Garofalo (a Top 10 pick)
INVEST FOR GOOD: Increasing Your Personal Well-Being While Changing the World by Mark Mobius, Carlos Von Hardenberg, and Greg Konieczny (a Top 10 pick)
BIG BUSINESS: A Love Letter to an American Anti-Hero by Tyler Cowen
HOW TO WIN IN A WINNER-TAKE-ALL WORLD: Career Management in the Twenty-First Century by Neil Irwin
WIN OR DIE: Leadership Secrets from ‘Game of Thrones’ by Bruce Craven

Comics & Graphic Novels

HOT COMB by Ebony Flowers (a Top 10 pick)
OFF SEASON by James Sturm (a Top 10 pick)
WHY DON’T YOU WRITE MY EULOGY NOW SO I CAN CORRECT IT?: A Mother’s Suggestions by Patricia Marx and Roz Chast
GRASS by Keum Suk Gendry-Kim, trans. by Janet Hong
CHRONIN VOLUME 1: The Knife at Your Back by Alison Wilgus