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Friday Reads: Blood, Blood, Blood, I LOVE BLOOD! (10/5/18)

I love a a bloody good story and what’s bloodier than the human heart, surgery, and well, blood itself?

NINE PINTS: A Journey Through the Money, Medicine, and Mysteries of Blood
by Rose George

3 starred reviews!

“George delivers an informative, elegant, and provocative exploration of the life-giving substance she describes as ‘stardust and the sea’ for its iron content derived from the demise of supernovas and its water and salt from the oceans of our origin. George’s wondrously well-written work makes for bloody good reading!” Booklist, starred review

“The author packs her book with the kinds of provocative, witty, and rigorously reported facts and stories sure to make readers view the integral fluid coursing through our veins in a whole new way. An intensive, humanistic examination of blood in all its dazzling forms and functions.” Kirkus Reviews, starred review

“Excellent… Recommended for nonexperts curious about their own bodies and blood as commodity in the world economy.” Library Journal, starred review

HEART: A History
by Sandeep Jahuar

ALA Annual 2018 “Read n’ Rave” Pick!

“Deftly alternating between key historical episodes and his own work, cardiologist Jauhar tells the colorful and little-known story of the doctors who risked their careers and the patients who risked their lives to know and heal our most vital organ. “Throughout, Jauhar is thoughtful, self-reflective, and profoundly respectful of doctors and patients alike; readers will respond by opening their own hearts a little bit, to both grief and wonder.” Publishers Weekly, starred review