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Banned Books Week 2013: Adventure!

Mark Twain funny picNormally on Thursdays we're all about Thrillers, but since it's Banned Books Week, we're talking about Adventure--specifically those of Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn. 

Mark Twain is well known for his wit and satire--two traits on full display in his classic novels THE ADVENTURES OF TOM SAWYER and its sequel, THE ADVENTURES OF HUCKLEBERRY FINN. The titular characters get involved in all kinds of hijinks: murder is witnessed, deaths are faked, treasure is stolen... and that's only the first book!

, commonly named one of the "Great American novels" is often called into question over racial stereotypes and frequent use of one particular racial slur. 

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Banned Books Week 2013!

Banned Books Week
(Sept. 22-28) is upon us once again librarian friends!

This is the week to read and re-read all your favorite banned and challenged books.

If you're feeling inspired to read aloud, we highly recommend that you submit a banned book reading video on the Virtual Read-Out page on YouTube. And don't forget to join the conversation on Twitter today (Monday) 9/23 from 10 am - Noon and Wednesday 9/25 from Noon - 2 pm using the hashtag #BannedBooksWeek2013.

Let's keep fighting for our FREADOM!